2024 Toronto Blue Jays Odds: Betting Futures this Season

2024 Toronto Blue Jays Odds: Betting Futures this Season

The 2024 Major League Baseball Season throws first pitch on March 20 in the Korea Series between the L.A. Dodgers and San Diego Padres in Seoul.

All other teams don’t start the regular season until March 28, which means we have time to assess the chances of the Toronto Blue Jays to win the AL Est, the American Lague Championship Series, and the World Series.

Let’s take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays Season Rundown. That includes their odds to win the American League East, the AL Pennant, and even the World Series in 2024. Here it is:


2024 Toronto Blue Jays Odds: Betting Futures this Season | MyBookie US Baseball Preview of the Season

2024 Toronto Blue Jays | 48th season for the Toronto Blue Jays franchise
American League | East
Rogers Centre, Toronto, Ontario

2023 Toronto Season
Record: .549 | 89-73 – H43-38 – L46-35
AL East 3rd Place


2024 Toronto Blue Jays Odds to Win the World Series, ALCS, and AL East

Blue Jays to win the AL East +400

The odds on the Blue Jays make them a legit contender to beat the Baltimore Orioles and New York Yankees, the two AL East favorites, and win the division.

The key will be how well Kevin Gausman bounces back from the injury that will sideline him until April 12. If Gausman bounces back well, and Jose Berrios and Chris Bassitt hold down the fort, the rotation is as good as any in the AL East.

When it comes to the batting lineup, forget it. The Blue Jays should score runs all day. George Springer will be better this season and Vladimir Guerrero is one of the top players in baseball. The odds make the Jays playable.

Not only that, but New York could already be in desperation mode. The Yankees have nobody who can replicate Gerrit Cole’s abilities. So without Cole leading the rotation, NYY will struggle.

Baltimore had a great 2023. But repeating in baseball is tough. The Orioles could bounce with a bad season. Even if they don’t, their roster doesn’t seem as capable as Toronto’s if the Blue Jays play their talent level.

Is Toronto worth a bet to win the AL East: Yes   

Toronto Blue Jays | Betting Odds for the AL Divisional MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


Blue Jays to win the AL Championship Series +850

If you like Toronto to win the World Series, don’t worry so much about the odds. The fact is that if Toronto wins the AL East, they’ll have to play a divisional round series and in the ALCS to make it to the World Series.

The Blue Jays can win two straight series against any team in the American League. That includes beating the Texas Rangers, Houston Astros, the rival New York Yankees, and the Minnesota Twins.

So if you think Toronto is worth a bet to win their division, consider putting money on them to win the ALCS. Again, it all comes down to Gausman’s injury. If KG comes back strong, the Jays could roll to the American League’s top record.

Is Toronto worth a bet to win the ALCS: Yes

Toronto Blue Jays | Betting Odds for the AL Pennant MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


Blue Jays to win the World Series +1800

Unless the odds on Toronto fall to around +1000, we’re talking LA Dodgers or Houston Astros type odds, they’re worth a play. Springer will bounce back from the .258 average he posted in 2023.

Guerrero is a legit AL MVP contender every season. The pitching is solid behind Gausman if Toronto’s ace throws strikes in his first game back and 18-to-1 are fair odds.

Is Toronto worth a bet to win the World Series: Yes  

Toronto Blue Jays | Betting Odds for the World Series MyBookie Betting Lines for the Season


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MLB Predictions: Toronto Blue Jays Analysis for the Upcoming 2023 Season

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Spring training is here and the MLB season is now very much upon us. While hope springs eternal for every team in the league at this time of year, the reality is that we already have a very good idea about the teams that are likely to still be playing beyond the end of the regular season. Besides the obvious favorites, there are a few dark horses that could potentially make some noise if they can steer clear of injury and have some things go their way. I would suggest that the Toronto Blue Jays are in that group, as they have a very good team, albeit in a ridiculously tough division. Let’s take a closer look at the 2023 MLB betting analysis for Blue Jays and how they might make out this season .

Analyzing Teams for Betting and Picks in the 2023 MLB Season

The Blue Jays in 2022

While it looked for a while as though the Yankees were going to shatter all kinds of records and put together a season for the ages, the Toronto Blue Jays kept plucking away and eventually closed the gap down to 7 games, going 92-70 in the process. That record was enough to get them into the postseason, where they were swept by the Mariners in the Wild Card.

The obvious strengths of the Blue Jays in 2022 were on the offensive side of the ball, hammering in 807 runs on the season, which was second only to the juggernaut LA Dodgers. What this team didn’t get, and which was especially obvious in the postseason, was a reliable outings from their starters.

The question heading into 2023 is whether the pitching staff can hold up their end of the bargain, as I don’t expect the bats to cool off anytime soon.

The Blue Jays in 2023

It is most likely to be another offensive slugfest from the Blue Jays, with Vlad Guerrero Jr. and Bo Bichette once again ready to inflict some pain on opposing pitchers. Guerrero had 32 HR and 97 RBI last season, numbers that I think he can improve in this time around, while Bichette led the team in batting average at .290. As we mentioned earlier, the pitching staff did not really get the job done, although Alek Manoah and Kevin Gausman put in decent efforts. Hyun Jin Ryu struggled with injuries, so hopefully he can stay healthy.

A bounce back season from Jose Berrios could also help the cause. The Blue Jays front office didn’t do much in the offseason, so they must be somewhat comfortable with the pieces they have, although we will see if they feel the same way when the trade deadline rolls around.

The bookies seem to like their chances to, as the Blue Jays are currently sitting at +490 to win the AL Pennant.

Prediction for 2023

Getting past the Yankees to win the division seems like a bit of an ask, but if the Blue Jays pitching can improve this season, it might not prove to be a bridge too far. Either way, I think this team is more than good enough to at least nab themselves a Wild Card spot, after which anything can happen. Again, this is a team that will have the offense, but until we see the arms go to work, all bets are off, in my opinion.

Toronto Blue Jays Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

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We were all very excited about the start of the upcoming baseball season, but that excitement is now on hold for a few more weeks. There are a lot of different dates and timelines flying around at the moment, but the reality is that no-one knows for sure when the new MLB season will begin. It’s more than a little disappointing for those of us who love this sport, but it also gives us some more time to evaluate how things might play out once the regular season does eventually begin. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the 2020 Toronto Blue Jays. Let’s check the MLB Odds and World Series Odds for the Toronto Blue Jays 2020 Season.

Toronto Blue Jays Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Toronto Blue Jays 2019 Season Performance

Back in the 2015 and 2016 seasons, the Blue Jays were stacked and took a run at the World Series, losing in the ALCS in both of those seasons. As a small market team, Toronto was forced to move on their priciest assets and rebuild from the ground up, which is what they are in the process of doing right now. Last year was a tough one for the Jays, as they ended the season in 4th in the AL East with a season record of 67-95.

In terms of wins, it has been diminishing returns for the Blue Jays since the 2016 season, with their win total dropping in in each season after than one. The Blue Jays managed 726 runs last year, which was not a particularly great total, while surrendering 828 runs and using no less than 21 different starters over the course of the year.

The Blue Jays have a nice core of young talent in their lone-up, but they are still a little tight on money, which means that they can’t really afford to surround those guys with some solid veterans.

Toronto Blue Jays Offseason Moves

Over the course of the last two seasons, the Blue Jays have shipped out 8 different players in an effort to cut salary and make space for upcoming prospects. They have tried to fill the holes in free agency, with most of their financial outlay going towards starting pitchers. As you can probably tell from the number of starters they had last year and the number of runs conceded, filling those spots was job 1. The Blue Jays brought in Tanner Roark, Hyun-Jin Ryu, and Shun Yamaguchi to the pitching staff, while also adding a couple of different outfield pieces. This is the year when the Blue Jays expect to start seeing things begin to trend upwards, but time will tell just how high that trend goes.

How the Bookies See the Toronto Blue Jays

 It is perhaps no real surprise that the Toronto Blue Jays are coming into this season as one of the bigger underdogs in both their division and for the World Series. The bookies currently have them at +5000 to win the AL East and +10000 to win the World Series. It would be a brave person who played any kind of real money on Toronto this season, as we are realistically looking at them finishing 4th in the AL East.


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