NBA 2021 Playoffs - Conference Betting Odds Update

NBA 2021 Playoffs – Conference Betting Odds Update

Written by on June 10, 2021

As the NBA Playoffs have continued, teams have, of course, been eliminated from contention. They go home, and then they have to deal with the fact that it will be months until they are playing again. That is just the cycle.

As time has continued to go on, NBA Conference Championship odds have been boosted. Some lowered. Let’s look at where each conference now stands.

Updated Odds to Win the Eastern Conference and Western Conference Championships

Odds of Winning the Easter Conference

As it is pretty obvious to most folks, the Brooklyn Nets are the favorites to win the East at -286. That will be discussed at the end of this section, not at the beginning.

Starting from the back, the Atlanta Hawks have the worst chances at +1000. The blown effort against Philly in game 2, combined with the loss of DeAndre Hunter for the remainder of the season, will make this a very tough journey back.

Up above them at +650 are the Milwaukee Bucks, who have been pretty hapless. Thursday night will determine their fate, whether it is 2-1 or 3-0 against Brooklyn. If they lose, it is time to push their odds way down and just end their year.

Philly at +550 is next, with a pretty healthy Joel Embiid in tow. The more they can continue to play hard and win, the harder it will be to bet against these guys. Boy, are they looking better or what.

And lastly, the Nets. -286. They are dominant with or without James Harden. If there is a team that can actually beat them, then, well, please step forward.

Odds of Winning the Western Conference

Starting from the back, we’ve got the Denver Nuggets at +1200. Down 0-2 to the Suns, they will have to dig deep on their home floor to try and extend their year. The Jamal Murray injury just might prove to be too much for this talented group to overcome.

Next in the pecking order, surprisingly low, at +250, is the Phoenix Suns. They are two wins from the conference finals, with the best backcourt in the conference to boot. Devin Booker and Chris Paul have both been very good and might be enough to guide the team onwards.

At +200, the surprising L.A. Clippers. They rallied from a 3-2 deficit against the Mavs in round one but lost their opener to Utah by making similar mistakes. Tyronn Lue’s decision to run with Luke Kennard down the stretch was wise and also a bad one at the same time. They have to win game 2 to stay relevant.

And, of course, at the top is the Utah Jazz. At +130, it will take a high-money amount on them if you’re trying to cash in. Donovan Mitchell now has two more 45-point playoff scoring efforts of 45 points than the great Stephen Curry. The way he can take over games on the biggest stage is nothing short of impressive.

All four teams in the West do still stand a chance. Things will become more clear within the next week, but a Suns-Jazz conference finals would be a blast for all parties, neutral or not, involved.


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