March Madness Best Bets R64 2016

Best Bets for March Madness R64

Written by on March 15, 2016

While just about everyone who is a fan of NCAA basketball, and plenty more who are just casual observers, will be filling out a bracket, the serious bettors will be taking the tournament round by round in an attempt to build their bankroll. The real value can be found once we get into the later rounds, but there is still some serious money to be made in the round of 64, and there may even be one bet that can be considered something of a lock given the history of the Tournament. Let’s take a brief look at the round of 64, and some bets that might just help you get March Madness betting off to a winning start.

Best Bets for March Madness R64

Parlay All The Number 1 Seeds

As most of you are probably already aware, the Tournament bracket is split into 4 separate regions, each of which contains a number 1 seed. The set up for 2016 is as follows: Kansas Jayhawks are #1 in the South Regional, Oregon Ducks are #1 in the West Regional, Virginia Cavaliers are #1 in the Midwest Regional, and the North Carolina Tar Heels are #1 in the East Regional. In the history of the NCAAB Tournament, a #16 seed had never knocked off a 1, which would suggest that parlaying these 4 teams in the round of 64 would be a pretty safe bet. Probably not huge odds, but enough to put you in profit right off the bat.

Potential Upset Picks in the Round of 64

There is always the potential for an upset in the opening round, and there are a few games that could live up to the billing. The one that jumps right out of the Bracket for me is the match-up between Stephen F. Austin and West Virginia. These are two teams that play a very similar pressing style, and it can be argued that Stephen F. Austin should have a higher rank than they were given. Iwould not be shocked to see the Mountaineers take a tumble in the first round. Texas look like another team that could be in for an uncomfortable night against Northern Iowa. The Big 12 is a great conference, but its teams underwhelmed in the tournament last year. The Longhorns are not a particularly great shooting team, and Norther Iowa have a habit of keeping every game close. We could be looking at an upset buzzer beater for Northern Iowa in this one.

Picking The Regional Winners

While some people prefer to bet on a game by game basis, it is a little fun to look ahead a little with your wagers. A good chance to make a tidy profit can be had by picking all 4 of the regional winners. This is a tougher bet, but the risk/reward is one that is worth taking. Perhaps wager a little smaller on this one, saving your bigger bets for the games that are easier to predict. Kansas and North Carolina look like good bets to me, but I’m not so sure about Oregon or Virginia. My 4-team parlay here would be Kansas, North Carolina, Michigan State, and Oklahoma.