Five Fearless Betting Predictions For The 2021 Florida Gators

Five Fearless Betting Predictions For The 2021 Florida Gators

You will often hear college football fans argue about which conference is the best, but the general consensus is that the SEC sits at the top of the heap. That conference is about to get stronger still, with Texas and Oklahoma set to move out of the Big 12 and into the SEC once the 2025 season rolls around. For now, though, it’s the usual group of teams, including a pair that many are picking to be among the playoff candidates this season. Those teams are Alabama and Georgia, so where does that leave the Florida Gators? Let’s make 5 fearless predictions for the Gators this season so you can plan your bets against the NCAAF odds.

NCAA Football – Florida Gators: 5 Fearless Betting Predictions

  1. No Repeat as SEC East Champions – The Florida Gators had themselves a good season in 2020, but you can argue that their SEC East title came because Georgia was suffering through some serious injury issues, most notably at the QB slot. Georgia is going to be much stronger this season and will more than likely take back the East crown. This is as much to do with Florida as it has to do with the Dawgs, as the Gators have a ton of holes to fill this season.
  2. 9 wins is the high bar – As we just mentioned, the Gators lost a ton of players to the draft. That included QB Kyle Trask and a trio of wide receivers. Yes, they have some solid recruits coming into town, but those holes that need to be filled are massive. The plus side is that their non-conference schedule looks like a cakewalk, but they have Alabama in Week 3 and a trip to face LSU before they face Georgia. Those are 3 potential losses right there, so 9 wins looks like the best Florida will muster.
  3. Problems at QB – With Kyle Trask now in the NFL, the Florida Gators will be handing the ball to Emory Jones to start the season. There have already been reports that the Gators are tweaking their offensive playbook to better play to the strengths of Jones, so we are not really sure how that will play out. I can foresee a situation where Jones ends up getting benched in favor of the next man up as the Gators try to find the ideal replacement for Trask.
  4. No top 10 finish for the Gators – Given all the replacements that need to be made on both sides of the football, this season could prove to be a learning curve for a lot of players. The Week 3 game against Alabama could have a couple of different effects. Playing strong against the best in the nation could bolster this team but getting blown out could see the Gators go into a tailspin. Either way, I just don’t see Florida landing in the top 10 this season.
  5. Take a gamble on the win total – Right now, the bookies have the Florida Gators win total for the 2021 season set at 9. That has all the makings of a push to me, but rather than skip it, why not take a chance on playing either side. I have pinpointed 3 games where they might be in trouble this season, so I would not be averse to playing the Under with the Gators.

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