Worst 5 Bowls to Bet on this NCAA Football Betting Season

Worst 5 Bowls to Bet on this NCAA Football Betting Season

Written by on December 12, 2015

As always, every season presents us with enticing bowl games that we can’t dare miss and those ones that we simply force ourselves to watch and bet on because we will be starved of College Football Odds betting action for a long time. This year is no different. Having already looked at the top bowl games of the year, let’s take a look a brief look at the worst bowl games and why you probably shouldn’t pay too much attention to them… unless you are diehard football betting fanatic and anything that has semblance to decent football appeals to you, like me.

Predicting The Worst 5 Bowls to Bet on this NCAA Football Betting Bowl Season

Middle Tennessee vs. Western Michigan – BAHAMAS BOWL, Dec. 24th, NOON, ESPN

Having this game here has got nothing much to do with underperformance. For all footballing purposes, this matchup could actually be entertaining, given the fact that Broncos (7-5) won six of their last eight games to clinch bowl eligibility, while Middle Tennessee (7-5) enters this game on a four-game winning streak. Unfortunately, this game comes on a very busy day and important time (Noon of Christmas Eve), so most people will be running errands and doing last-minute preparations for Christmas. With that in mind, not many people will be able to pay attention to it, even if they wanted to, hence making it a bad bowl game.Prediction: The Broncos to a comfy win—possibly a blowout—over the Blue Raiders.Playing in their home state will be a big advantage and probably help attract a sizeable crowd, but that doesn’t mean the Chippewas (7-5) will be playing good football. Minnesota (5-7) is a team that lives and dies on playing disruptive football and capitalizing on opponents’ mistakes. That said, CMU’s quarterback Cooper Rush impressively threw for 3,703 yards and 25 touchdowns this season, making him a player worthy of being watched. The Gophers, on the flipside, are in rebuilding mode and will be thankful for sneaking into the playoffs due to the lack of sufficient 6-6 teams. There’ll probably not be any fireworks or wild celebrations in this “formality” bowl game, but if you are hard-done for something to watch, feel free to switch to this game once the Pittsburgh-Navy Military Bowl game ends.Prediction: CMU delivers a spirited performance like in last year’s bowl and keeps the game close to cover the spread or upset Minnesota altogether.

Utah State vs. Akron – POTATO BOWL, Dec. 22nd, 3:30 PM, ESPN

Let alone the fact that Utah State’s starting QB Chuckie Keeton got injured so this game is likely to be lull scoring encounter, Akron (7-5) is a non-division-winning Mid-American Conference team that has been a shadow of the word Zippy in their easy conference. Fortunately, the Zips enter the postseason on a four-game winning streak after starting 3-5 this season, while Utah State (6-6) will play in its school-record fifth consecutive bowl game and is already boasting of a 3-1 record in the previous four, so this game won’t be too unwatchable like the ones listed below.Prediction: Utah bosses its way to another bowl win, probably beating the Zips by a double-digit margin.

San Jose State vs. Georgia State – CURE BOWL, Dec. 19th, 7 PM, CBS SPORTS NETWORK

Don’t be fooled by the name of this bowl game, I assure you it won’t CURE anything about your football hunger. The fact that it is the ONLY bowl game that will be aired live on CBS Sports Network shows just how suspect it is. And as far as records go, the Georgia State Panthers (6-6) were an underwhelming bunch this year, and 5-7 San Jose team didn’t fare any better.Prediction: Georgia State upends San Jose State in an ugly scoring affair that will most likely feature very few scores.

Nevada vs. Colorado State – ARIZONA BOWL, Dec. 29th, 7:30 PM, Campus Insiders

No TV channel will be showing this game because it is that pathetic. But if you really must watch it, then you can find it online at Campus Insiders. Making matters worse, Nevada (6-6) and Colorado State (7-5), who are both members of the Mountain West conference, were far from impressive in the season. Just about the only consolation here is that the Rams have been playing slightly better football, hence should be a near-sure pick for the win over the Wolf Pack.Prediction: Colorado State hands Nevada a beatdown for an easy win and cover.