NFL 2021 Regular Season Wins Total Odds: Long Term Investments

NFL 2021 Regular Season Wins Total Odds: Long Term Investments

You know you can bet on games each week of the NFL season, but one way to invest the long-term performance of each NFL team is betting on the total regular-season wins.

MyBookie has odds up for every NFL team’s total wins, which can be bet online now until the start of the season. Let’s check out our NFL betting update so you can get ready for the upcoming season and make your bets against their NFL Team Totals odds.

2021 Regular Season Wins Total Odds Analysis | NFL Betting

Betting on Win Totals

The idea is simple. Based on last year’s success, new rosters, and projections for 2021, every team has a projected win total for the year.

Take the Arizona Cardinals, for example. Their current win total is listed at 8.5 wins, with -120 odds. If you think Arizona can improve on their 8-8 record from 2020, you would bet the over. If you think they’ll struggle in a tough NFC West, you’d bet the under.

Things to Keep in Mind When Betting Regular Season Wins

For starts, remember that the NFL has expanded the regular season to 17 games. When considering overs or unders, don’t forget that each team will play an extra game. Gone are 8-8 or 10-6 records.

You’ll want to study each team’s schedule before placing your bets. As you’d imagine, teams with tougher schedules have a more challenging path to hitting their over. On the flip-side, a team that draws a favorable schedule may be a good bet to hit their over.

Schedule strength starts with the division the team is in. The NFC East in 2020 was one of the worst divisions in NFL history, with the 7-9 Washington Football Team winning the division. Each team in the NFC East has an easier schedule than most, given the struggles from all four teams.

You’ll also want to do research on how teams have changed from 2020. Turnover runs rampant in the NFL, with free agency, the draft, and new coaches. Study new additions and key departures before placing your bets for total team wins.

Each Team’s Projected Win Totals

MyBookie has a complete list of teams’ projected win totals, which you can bet on today. Here are all 32 team’s win totals, in alphabetical order:

  • Arizona Cardinals: 8½ wins
  • Atlanta Falcons: 7½
  • Baltimore Ravens: 10½
  • Buffalo Bills: 11
  • Carolina Panthers: 7½
  • Chicago Bears: 7½
  • Cincinnati Bengals: 6½
  • Cleveland Browns: 10½
  • Dallas Cowboys: 9½
  • Denver Broncos: 8½
  • Detroit Lions: 5
  • Houston Texans: 4
  • Indianapolis Colts: 10
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: 6½
  • Kansas City Chiefs: 12½
  • Las Vegas Raiders: 7
  • Los Angeles Chargers: 9
  • Los Angeles Rams: 10
  • Miami Dolphins: 9
  • Minnesota Vikings: 9
  • New England Patriots: 9½
  • New Orleans Saints: 9
  • New York Giants: 7
  • New York Jets: 6½
  • Philadelphia Eagles: 6½
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: 8½
  • San Francisco 49ers: 10
  • Seattle Seahawks: 9½
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 11½
  • Tennessee Titans: 9½
  • Washington Football Team: 8½

Bets Worth Making

Of the above, a few teams stick out to consider betting on.

Bears under 7½ wins

Chicago went 8-8 last season and has a tough schedule in 2021. They’ll play the NFC West and AFC North, which had five playoff teams in 2020 between the two divisions. Both divisions are considered the best in their conference, leading to a quick, tough eight games for Chicago.

With a rookie quarterback in Justin Fields, it may be a transitional year for the Bears.

Eagles over 6½ wins

Philadelphia is in the aforementioned weak NFC East and has a fourth-place schedule from their dysfunctional 2020 season. If they can regain their health, Philadelphia still has one of the best offensive lines in football and an intriguing mix of skill-position players.

Browns over 10½ wins

Cleveland went 11-5 last season and won a playoff game. Now the Browns loaded up their defense in the offseason and return what many consider to be the best offensive line and one of the best defensive lines in the league. It all starts in the trenches, and the Browns may be in for a big season.

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