Are the Patriots a safe bet against the Chiefs in the NFL odds?

NFL Best Expert Predictions To Make The Playoffs

Written by on July 25, 2016

NFL training camps are set to start opening their doors over the course of the next week, and that means it’s time to get serious with our football talk. One of the biggest discussion points, other than the Super Bowl betting odds, involves deciding which teams will actually make it into the playoffs. I am going to take a look at each conference here, and I am going to pick the 6 teams that I believe will make it into the final 12. The odds listed beside the team name are their odds to win their respective divisions, so keep that in mind if you plan on wagering based on these selections.

A Closer Look At The NFL Best Expert Predictions To Make The Playoffs


AFC Division Winners

In the East, you have to go with the New England Patriots (-180). Even without Tom Brady at the helm for the first 4 games of the season, they still look to be head and shoulders ahead of the other teams in this division. The North is going to be a 3-team race, with the Steelers (-110), Bengals (+125), and Ravens (+250) all in with a legitimate shot at the crown. The Steelers are the team to beat here, and are in fact my pick for the Super Bowl, assuming of course that they can avoid the injuries that did them in last year. The South looks as though it could be very competitive this season, and it may even give us a surprise in the form of the Jacksonville Jaguars (+250). While they are going to be improved, I’m still not sure that they can win it. I do see them sneaking ahead of the Texans (+180), though, and I’ll go with the Colts (+125), and a healthy Andrew Luck, to take the division. The West looks set to undergo something of a power shift, and the defending champion Denver Broncos (+140) may be the odd man out. I like the Chiefs (+150) to come away with the division crown, but I was also be keeping an eye on the Raiders (+225). Wild Card Picks – Bengals (+125) and Raiders (+225)

NFC Division Winners

The East is always incredibly tough to predict, and this season is no different. The Cowboys (+150) look to have the best offense, but can Romo stay healthy all year? That’s a big question mark, and one that I believe opens the door for the Redskins (+250). The North looks like a 2-team race, and I believe that this is the Packers (-150) division to lose. Their biggest challenge is going to come from the Vikings (+150) who have to be considered a dark horse threat in the NFC. Perhaps the easiest division to predict is in the South, where the Carolina Panthers (-250) should have no difficulty picking up a playoff spot. I really don’t see any team here that can come close to challenging. The West is another division that looks like a 2-horse race, with the Seattle Seahawks (-150) and Arizona Cardinals (+125) the most likely winners. Giving the slight edge to the Seahawks here, but Arizona should still book a playoff ticket. Wild Card Picks – Vikings (+150) and Cardinals (+125).