NFL Betting Guide to Help You Handicap Early the 2022 Season Action

NFL Betting Guide to Help You Handicap Early the 2022 Season Action

With the start of the NFL season just a few weeks away, the betting public is getting ready to bet on regular season NFL games. The NFL is the most bet-on league in the United States. We’ve come up with a few tips to help you gain an edge when it comes to your wagering. Here are a few NFL Betting tips to help you handicap early-season action. 

How to Handicap Early 2022 NFL Season Action

Pay Attention to Team Rankings

For instance, let’s say a team is ranked 30th against the run. Said team is going to go up against the Indianapolis Colts this week. The Colts have a great offensive line, and one of the top running backs in the league. This is a huge advantage for the Colts. When you can control the run game, you end up winning more times than not. 

Keep Checking the Injury News

This is one of the biggest keys to gambling on football. One injury can make a huge impact on the game. If a line is -6 to start the week, and then it gets announced on Wednesday that a key player will miss the game, that line will certainly change. It could go down to a -4, or even a -3. This is especially true when making early week bets. It could come back to haunt you. 

If you’re doing in-game betting, this can also make a major change to the way you’re betting. If a star running back gets injured throughout the game, you’ll more than likely want to change your strategy.

Does the Team Pass the Eye Test?

Prior to the season, every major expert has a team or two to watch. Before you go all in on those teams, you may want to see things for yourself. Watch them play a couple of games first, and see what you think. That team may not be what the experts said they would be, and you might have just saved yourself a lot of money.

Don’t Buy Too Much Into the First Few Games

The Carolina Panthers started last season off 3-0. At that time, many felt that Sam Darnold was the answer, the Panthers defense was playing well, Christian McCaffrey was running on all cylinders, and things looked great for Carolina. Fast forward a few weeks, and things didn’t look so promising for Matt Rhule’s squad. They had a horrible finish to the season, and they weren’t even close to making the playoffs.

Every season, a few teams have a great start. Some teams continue to play well, while others end up struggling. Before you go all in on how a team looks early in the season, let things play out a little longer. You’ll be happy that you did.

Look at the Trends

This can be helpful when betting on favorites or underdogs. For instance, a team may be 0-3 and look like they can’t win a game, but when you look at their betting trends, you see that they’ve covered the spread in their last 11 games. So even if they’re -7 ½, and they’re playing one of the best teams in the league, you may want to follow the trend.


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