NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News Justin Fields Looks to be Ready, Possible 3-Way Deal In the Works

NFL Betting Rumors, Trades & News: Justin Fields Looks to be Ready, Possible 3-Way Deal In the Works

The league finally sits down with Deshaun, movement on the Baker and Jimmy G. fronts, and word out of Chicago and Pittsburgh regarding their likely starting quarterbacks highlight this week’s NFL news. Check out the latest NFL Betting news, rumors, and trades in the National Football League. 

NFL Rumors, Trades, Free Agents & Betting News | June 29th Edition

2022-23 NFL Regular Season

  • When: Sep. 8, 2022 – Jan. 8, 2023

Are the rumors of a three-team trade involving Baker and Jimmy G. legit?

Pro Football Talks Mike Florio recently suggested a three-way deal where the Cleveland Browns send Baker Mayfield to the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers send a couple of draft picks to the San Francisco 49ers and the 49ers send Jimmy G. to the Browns.

Having Garoppolo as your backup, or starter if things don’t work out between Watson and the league office, would be a fantastic get for Rock City. 

Garoppolo is a much calmer and more accurate passer than Baker. So, no doubt, the Browns must consider. But Jimmy would have to lower his cap hit. There’s no way Cleveland can pay their backup $24 million, which is what Garoppolo is set to earn this season.

So the rumors of a three-way deal, which may not even be a rumor, more of an NFL expert fan’s thought experiment, doesn’t seem legit. 

The Browns, no doubt, are waiting to see what happens with Watson. If Deshaun must miss the entire season, Cleveland will likely push the envelope in any trade deal for Mayfield. 

Worse comes to worse, the Browns will start Baker and hope for the best until Watson rides out his suspension. 

Per his teammates, the Bears Justin Fields is ready to roll

This offseason, the Bears ditched head coach Matt Nagy and went with Indianapolis Colts defensive coordinator Matt Eberflus. 

Eberflus’ first move was to bring on Green Bay quarterbacks coach Luke Getsy. The move appears to already be paying dividends.

Word out of Chicago’s mini-camp is that Justin Fields, last year’s number one pick, has turned into a leader. 

You don’t require your QB to lead your team. It sure is easier if your quarterback is your leader, though. 

It seems like Getsy isn’t just teaching Justin how to play the position but he’s also teaching Fields what it means to be a quarterback on an NFL team. 

Fields, based on more than one account, is absorbing everything Getsy is teaching him. If it all comes together, who knows?

Sure, the Bears must play the Packers twice. But Chicago also gets to play the Lions twice, Atlanta, the Jets, Washington, the Texans, and the Giants this season. Maybe, the Bears make a playoff run.  

Deshaun’s NFL hearing is underway

On Wednesday, the NFL’s hearing regarding Deshaun Watson continued. The league hasn’t released any information but we must assume that the NFL will come down with some type of disciplinary action.

Don’t be surprised if the league also punishes the Houston Texans. Some of the alleged harassment for sure happened in Texan facilities.

Houston could lose a draft pick. Deshaun could miss some games. No matter what the league decides, the Deshaun drama appears to be on the way to a conclusion. 

Everyone agrees that the Steelers’ playoff hopes rest on Kenny Pickett’s shoulders

Mike Tomlin drafted Kenny Pickett in the NFL Draft’s first round because Tomlin believes Pickett is ready to play this season. 

So far, Pickett has given no indication he requires time on the bench. The key for Pittsburgh will be how quickly Pickett grasps the playbook and if offensive coordinator Matt Canada can design plays that allow Pickett to use his legs. 

Canada was the Steelers’ quarterback coach before becoming the offensive coordinator. No doubt, he was the one who advised Tomlin to draft Pickett ahead of Liberty’s Malik Willis. 

So there’s a good chance the former Pitt Panthers QB hits the ground running. If Pickett is effective, the Steelers will compete for the AFC North title because we know Tomlin will have the defense playing great football.   

Right now, the Steelers offer high odds to beat the Bengals, Ravens, and Browns and win the AFC North Division. So if you believe, now is the time to back up your belief. 


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