2024 NFL Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis

2024 NFL Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis

Super Bowl LVIII will take place on Sunday and feature the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers. This is a rematch of the Super Bowl from a few years ago, which the Chiefs won for their first Super Bowl title of this era. The Kansas City Chiefs are the underdogs in this game, as they come into the game +1.5 against the 49ers.

One of the aspects that can get overlooked at times is the Super Bowl Prop odds. Here, we want to talk about all our favorite Quarterback Super Bowl Prop betting lines:


Final Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis | MyBookie NFL Playoff Preview for the Big Game

Super Bowl LVIII | 58th edition of the annual league championship game of the National Football League
Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

ATS Odds: 49ers -2
Money line Odds: Kansas City Chiefs Line: +105 / San Francisco 49ers Line: -125
Over/Under Odds: 47.5

Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at 6:30 pm ET | CBS
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV


Brock Purdy UNDER 246.5 Passing Yards

The Kansas City Chiefs are still underrated. Despite how well they played all season, and how well they have played in the postseason, the National Football League still underestimates how talented they are. They are going to make life for Brock Purdy really difficult. This is guy that has gone over that number twice in a row, and 5 out of the last 7  times. But Kansas City just does not give up a ton of passing yards. In fact, the Chiefs are allowing just 235.7, and that was Tua, Allen and Lamar. Take the UNDER here!


Patrick Mahomes UNDER 25.5 Passing Completions

Let’s make this clear, Patrick Mahomes is going to win the Super Bowl MVP. But, he can do it in less than 26 completions, and he will. He has gone under this number in three of his last four games, and won them all. He did go over last game against Baltimore, with 30, but we expect Andy Reid and the offense to use the run game even more this week. The Chiefs get ahead and sit on the time and the football. Take the UNDER!


Brock Purdy OVER 0.5 interceptions

Purdy threw an interception in the win over Detroit. That was his first since Christmas Day. Of course that was a memorable day for the Ravens, as they picked off four of his passes in the blowout win. But, the 49ers are going to get desperate and look to pass the ball. Look for Purdy to force one, and the opportunistic defense of Kansas City picks it up. Take the OVER in this one on Sunday!


Patrick Mahomes UNDER 36.5 LONGEST Completion

With his main connections of Travis Kelce and Isiah Pacheco, this is going to stay UNDER. Kelce does not go for massive chunk gains, but will certainly move the chains. Pacheco could break one, but most of his are shorter bursts. TO put into context, Kelce has not had one over this number since October 22nd, Pacheco has not all season, and Rashee Rice has done it just three times in the last 10 games. Take the UNDER.


Patrick Mahomes OVER 126.5 1st Half Pass Yards

Kansas City gets their Super Bowl MVP going early. Several passes in the first half, and the lead at halftime gets him OVER the number in the first half. Look for an UNDER type bet in the second half, but for this one, we like the OVER 126.5 in the 1st half.


Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Bets | 49ers vs Chiefs
SB LVIII | Odds for NFL MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

There you have it. That is a look at our Quarterbacks Super Bowl Pro Odds Betting Analysis. We hope you enjoy the game, and best of luck with all your betting!


I have read enough, I need to place my bet now. What to do?

Online NFL Betting Lines for this Week
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Bouts

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Early 2024 Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis

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Super Bowl LVIII is approaching from Las Vegas, and the Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers will get ready to square off for the final game of the season. While the anticipation builds, it is fun to look over all the various bets for the big game.

One of the aspects that can get overlooked at times is the Super Bowl Prop Odds. Here, we want to talk about all our favorite Quarterback Super Bowl Prop odds:


Early Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis | MyBookie NFL Playoff Preview for the Big Game

Super Bowl LVIII | 58th edition of the annual league championship game of the National Football League
Kansas City Chiefs at San Francisco 49ers

ATS Odds: 49ers -2
Money line Odds: Kansas City Chiefs Line: +110 / San Francisco 49ers Line: -130
Over/Under Odds: 47.5

Sunday, February 11th, 2024 at 6:30 pm ET | CBS
Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas, NV


Brock Purdy UNDER 243.5 Passing Yards

The former Iowa State signal caller continues to be doubted in his National Football League career, and now, here he is just one win away from being a Super Bowl Champion. Purdy has gone over the number posted for this game five out of his last eight games. Purdy had two 300+ yard passing games towards the end of the regular season. Purdy has had 252 and 267 in the two postseason games.

But, Kansas City is a different animal. This is a team that held Tua and Josh Allen both under 200 in their postseason games.  The Chiefs were one of the best teams in the league against the pass. Look for Purdy to stay under the number, using Christian McCaffrey and the run game more often.


Patrick Mahomes OVER 258.5 Passing Yards

The Kansas City Chiefs have not been a great rushing team, albeit, they have improved as of late. Mahomes is a guy that is going to want to move the ball down the field. It will not take massive plays, but some nice pitch and catch opportunities.

Mahomes went over the number in the win over Miami, but did not against the Bills or Ravens. The Chiefs are going to figure out quickly in this game, they will have to throw the ball to beat San Francisco. That gets it done and Mahomes goes for just shy of 300 in this one.


Brock Purdy UNDER 1.5 Passing Touchdowns

Purdy has gone under in both postseason games so far. He actually went over in his regular season finale with two at Washington. The last time he played a really elite defense; Baltimore back on Christmas Day, he did not throw a touchdown. Kansas City held Tua, Josh Allen and Lamar Jackson to one.

That is all Brock Purdy is getting as well. If San Francisco gets into the endzone more than that, they will have to do it with their run game. Bet the UNDER 1.5 passing touchdowns for Purdy.


Patrick Mahomes OVER 1.5 Passing Touchdowns

Mahomes has thrown a touchdown in every game he has played since October 29th when they lost to the Broncos. But, two touchdowns in a game has happened just 5 of the last 11 games. But, if we are sticking with the narrative of how this game is going to go, Mahomes to Kelce x 2, and that does it. Look for a big game out of Mahomes, and he goes OVER the 1.5 passing touchdowns in this game.


Brock Purdy UNDER 21.5 Pass Completions

This one seems pretty easy actually. Purdy has gone under 22 pass completions in eight out of his last ten games. In the postseason, he is averaging just at 21.5 per game. The two times he DID go over, he was at 23 and 22. This is definitely going to be a challenge to complete more than 21 passies in this game. This is an UNDER bet waiting to happen. Do not wait around on this one, bet the UNDER before it goes down.


Patrick Mahomes UNDER 25.5 Pass Completions

Despite not scoring in the game against Baltimore, Mahomes did complete 30 passes in the game. But, outside of that game, his previous three were under the 25.5 passing completions. While we look for a bunch of passes from Mahomes, completing more than 25 passes is a ton in this game. Look for the clock to tick a bunch, and the Chiefs need to use the run game to burn clock late, keeping Mahomes under the number. We are taking the UNDER 25.5 pass completions in this game.


Brock Purdy OVER 0.5 Interceptions Thrown

Purdy did throw an interception in the win over the Lions. The previous two games, the signal caller did not. But, let’s look back at the game against the Ravens, where he threw four interceptions. When things get tough for Purdy, he will get a little wild. The weather will not effect him here, but the Kansas City defense will. This seems to be a solid bet to bet on the OVER, as he throws at least one interception.


Patrick Mahomes UNDER 35.5 Yards for Longest Completion

The Kansas City Chiefs have not been a great big chunk of passing offense as of late. They are a team that is starting to complete the open pass, and move the chains. Even Travis Kelce, who has been great since the postseason started, has not gone over 35 yards for a completion since late October. Rashee Rice could be a threat for this, but even he went for just 25 and 11 in the last two games. Rice has gone over 33 yards for a completion just four times in his last 12 games. Mahomes keeps this UNDER 35.5 yards for his longest completion.

Super Bowl Prop Bets | Bet 49ers vs Chiefs
MyBookie Betting Lines for the Game

There you have it. Those are eight of our favorite Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop bets for the game. As you can see, we like the running game more from San Francisco, and the Kansas City defense to take care of the job. Find out what you like best and get your bets in for Super Bowl LVIII. Enjoy the game and best of luck with all your betting!

2023 NFL Quarterbacks Super Bowl Prop Odds Betting Analysis

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One of them most popular group of Super Bowl props is to bet on how well quarterbacks from each team perform. This year’s two quarterbacks are Matthew Stafford with the favored Los Angeles Rams and Joe Burrow with the Cincinnati Bengals. Check out Super Bowl QB Prop Odds, analysis, and free picks.


QB Super Bowl Props Odds | NFL Betting

Super Bowl LVI

When: Sunday, Feb. 13
Where: SoFi Stadium, Inglewood, CA
TV/Streaming: NBC / Peacock


Matthew Stafford Passing Yards

Over 284 ½ -115
Under 284 ½ -115

Stafford averages 273.1 passing yards per game. In this one, depending on what the Bengals do on offense, he may have to pass for much more than that.

Cincinnati is a good football team. The defense will collapse the pocket on Stafford and he isn’t as mobile as Joe Burrow. But although the Bengals’ D is great, it plays bend but don’t break. Over looks more than possible.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Over


Joe Burrow Passing Yards

Over 276 ½ -115
Under 276 ½ -115

Burrow averages just 259 passing yards per game. Versus Kansas City in the AFC Championship, Joe Cool threw for 250 yards.

Burrow threw for 348 against Tennessee, but he threw for just 244 versus the Raiders. Which Joe Burrow will show up against the Rams?

Most likely, the 348 yards Joe Burrow. The Rams rank 22nd in passing yards allowed. Los Angeles is decent against the rush.

More importantly, they know Burrow wants to play a slow game that leans on short passes, clock management, and handing the ball to Joe Mixon. So if the Rams shut down the rush, Joe will have to throw.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Over


Matthew Stafford Total Pass Completions

Over 24 ½ -115
Under 24 ½ -115

The Rams aren’t a fantastic rushing team. LAR rushed for just 73 versus the Buccaneers and just 70 against the San Francisco 49ers.

Stafford completed 31 against the Niners and 28 versus the Buccaneers. It looks like over 24 ½ is close to a foregone conclusion.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Over


Joe Burrow Total Pass Completions

Over 24 ½ -115
Under 24 ½ -115

Burrow completed 23 versus the Chiefs, 28 against the Titans, and 24 versus the Raiders. When the Bengals can run the football, Burrow doesn’t complete a ton of passes.

The Rams must shut down Joe Mixon and the rushing attack, which means Burrow should complete at least 25 passes in this game.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Over


Matthew Stafford Total Pass TDs

Over 2 ½ +165
Under 2 ½ -240

Stafford didn’t throw more than 2 TDs in any 1 of the Rams’ 3 prior playoff games. Even in the 34-11 beating Los Angeles handed the Arizona Cardinals, Staff threw just 2 touchdown passes. The odds aren’t great but under 2 ½ is the logical play.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Under


Joe Burrow Total Pass TDs

Over 1 ½ -170
Under 1 ½ +130

Over 1 ½ is the play. Burrow figures to throw 2 to 3 TD passes. The Rams will attempt to shut down the rushing attack. Not only that, but in the red zone, Burrow has a couple of tall, lengthy targets in C.J. Uzomah and Tee Higgins. So he can throw the ball up in the red zone and expect Uzomah and Higgins to beat the defender.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: Over


Matthew Stafford Total Rushing Yards

Over 5 ½ -110
Under 5 ½ -120

Stafford rushed for 22 yards against the Cardinals. He rambled for 6 yards versus the Buccaneers and rushed for 8 against the 49ers. Those stats imply Staff rushes for at least 6 against the Bengals.

But Cincinnati has one of the best pair of defensive ends in the NFL. Sam Hubbard and Trey Hendrickson will force Stafford to rush up the middle, which means 5 ½ yards could be difficult to accomplish.

Super Bowl QB Prop Pick: 5 ½ yards


Joe Burrow Total Rushing Yards

Over 12 ½ -125
Under 12 ½ -105

Burrow is an escape artist. On passing downs, the Rams will try to rush Burrow with their front four and, maybe, rush a linebacker or strong safety.

Joe Cool should pick up over 12 ½ rushing yards on a single scramble. If he doesn’t, he will burn the Rams for a long pass. Burrow completes over 70% of his passes, which means not only can he get out of trouble with his legs, but he can also find the open receiver.

So we must expect the Rams to know this and will take their chances with Burrow rushing the ball instead of giving up a long pass that could go for a TD.

2022 NFL Betting Analysis and Prediction: Will Brady and the Bucs Win the Super Bowl 57 Title?

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After a disappointing and confusing offseason as it seemed like either Tom Brady wanted to retire from football or just leave the Tampa Bay Buccaneers entirely with a move to the Miami Dolphins, he is back for another season.

The Bucs lost in the NFC Divisional Round at home to the Los Angeles Rams and have a different look around trying to win another championship. However, can Tom Brady do it once again and win his eighth Super Bowl Championship? Let’s try to answer that question so you can continue planning your bets against the Super Bowl Odds.


Can Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win the Super Bowl this 2022-23 Season?

Key Losses

When you look at the Buccaneers’ offense, it is a little less than ideal as tight end Rob Gronkowski retired during the offseason, and wide receiver Antonio Brown is no longer with the team.

However, wide receiver Chris Godwin tore his ACL in Week 15 last season, and despite his practicing on the field, I doubt he starts Week 1 able to play a full game, and it takes a few weeks.

Then, of course, we need to discuss the knee injury that can potentially keep All-Pro center Ryan Jensen out for the season that he suffered in Training Camp.

Jenson is a key piece to this Bucs offensive line, and that will hurt. Not to mention some pieces they lost on defense, but this injury is going to make Tampa Bay a little weaker up front, which is not something Tom Brady is going to be happy with.

The only positive thing is that it happened early in Training Camp, so there is still a lot of time to develop a rapport between the new starting center.


How Did the Rest of the NFC Do?

There are a handful of good teams that are still in the NFC, as the Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, and Arizona Cardinals all are doing pretty well in improving their teams, and that will make this conference tough.

That’s not including the likes of Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. The Bucs will make the playoffs and be a decently high seed at it, but there is also a chance they are an NFC Wild Card team due to the injuries and the improvement seen in New Orleans, a team that seems to have Brady’s number since leaving New England.


The Verdict

Tom Brady is an absolutely incredible player, no doubt about it, but they lost some significant pieces in Ryan Jensen, safety Jordan Whitehead, and losing offensive guard Alex Cappa.

They are going to be a little weaker than they were but can figure things out if they can keep guys like wide receiver Julio Jones and Russell Gage healthy. The addition of safety Logan Ryan should also not be ignored as he is a solid safety.

However, the NFC is just too good for a team that is dealing with a lot of turnover and some aggressive front offices that will want to improve if they can. There are still some interesting players available, like Odell Beckham Jr, but as presently constructed, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at the end of this NFL season.

NFL Betting Predictions: Will Tom Brady Retire If He Wins Another Ring?

Previous Betting News

When Tampa Bay takes on Dallas next Thursday, quarterback Tom Brady will start the quest to add to his record seven Super Bowl victories. If Brady secures another ring, will it be time for the greatest quarterback of all time to hang it up? Check out reasons Terrific Tom will retire after another Super Bowl win, reasons Brady won’t retire after winning another NFL title, and our prediction for what Tom will do if he ends up securing ring number eight. Let’s jump right into action so you can plan your bets against Tom Brady and the Buccaneers’ Super Bowl odds.


Is Tom Brady Going for Another Ring? Will He then Retire? | NFL Betting

2021 NFL Season

Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022


Reasons Brady will retire if he wins an eighth Super Bowl ring

Reason #1 – Brady has nothing left to prove

One victory without Bill Belichick and Josh McDaniel is impressive. Another Super Bowl win without Bill and Josh will prove Brady is the reason those guys got their rings.

Reason #2 – Terrific Tom will be bored

Brady requires constant competition. One of the things he enjoyed last season was playing against the Saints’ Drew Brees three times. Brees retired. There’s a good chance Aaron Rodgers retires after this season. Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen are in the AFC. So if Tom brings Tampa another ring, he could be bored playing in a conference where, no doubt, he’s the best quarterback.

Reason #3 – Brady wants to win the U.S. Open

The PGA Tournament is open to anyone who qualifies. A few years back, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Tony Romo tried to qualify.

Brady and Phil Mickelson didn’t beat Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau in The Match. But Brady did make some incredible shots, like a 390-yard drive, and, overall, he played well.

We all know that if Brady puts his mind to it, he can pretty much do anything. So, who knows? Maybe, he wants to take the U.S. Open by showing he’s Jordan with a better golf game.


Reasons Brady won’t retire if he wins an eighth Super Bowl ring

Reason #1 – Age versus feeling age
Tom Brady is 43-years-old. But he doesn’t feel like he’s 43-years-old. There’s age and then there’s feeling age.

On paper, Terrific Tom is 43. His feeling age is closer to 34, maybe, even 30. So if he feels better than guys close to half his age, why not continue to play?

Reason #2 – Injury bounce back time
Brady eats 80% vegetables and never touches a French fry. He doesn’t eat any potatoes, probably because of the mass amount of lectins in spuds.

All of those vegetables lower inflammation in his body, which means if he ever gets injured, he can bounce back quicker than quarterbacks in their 20s.

Reason #3 – He’s still having fun and has nothing else do
Tom loves to go to work. His wife also loves to work. So what would happen if he ended up going home? It’s not like Giselle would be there to hang out with him and watch Friday Night Lights.

As long as Brady is having fun, he’ll continue to play. As long as his wife has her career, or if they haven’t decided to retire together, Brady will most likely continue to play.


Final Prediction: Will Tom Brady retire if he wins an eighth Super Bowl ring?

Unless Terrific Tom suffers a serious injury, and the non-potato diet implies he doesn’t, he’ll keep playing until he and Giselle decide to do something else. That could happen after this season, but let’s put things in perspective.

For players, the season lasts from around mid-August to the second week of February if you make it to the Super Bowl. That’s six months.

Brady mustn’t spend the other six months doing anything that he normally wouldn’t do, which means Tom is always staying in shape and will do so even if he retires.

So there’s really no reason for Tom to quit his part-time job, playing in the NFL, even after he wins an eighth ring.

Tom Brady Prediction: Brady won’t retire if he wins an eighth ring

Does Patrick Mahomes Need to Win the 2021 Super Bowl Again?

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The NFL Divisional Round games are almost upon us, with 8 teams still in with a shot at winning the Super Bowl. It goes without saying that some have a better chance than others, with the two #1 seeds in each conference sitting at the top of the list. Of course, one of those teams is the Kansas City Chiefs, as the defending Super Bowl champions landed atop the AFC this season with a 14-2 record. Given that they were able to retain their core group of players from last season, it’s not really a surprise to see them in as the favorite to repeat as champions. This is a team that has risen to prominence with Patrick Mahomes under center, but does he need to win another Super Bowl to really put a stamp on his career, which is still basically in its early stages? Let’s find out so you can get all set to make your bets against their Super Bowl.


Is Patrick Mahomes Obliged to Win the Super Bowl Again?

Patrick Mahomes Regular Season History

Having accomplished so much already, it is easy to forget that Patrick Mahomes is still a relative newbie in the NFL. Drafted in 2017, Mahomes got to play in the final regular season game of the year in a 27-24 win over the Denver Broncos. The Chiefs had already made the postseason at that point and decided to give Alex Smith a rest for that game. A loss in the Wild Card Round to the Titans that year caused the Chiefs to pull the trigger, as they shipped out Alex Smith and named Mahomes as their starter in 2018, a move that surprised many.

It proved to be an inspired decision, with Mahomes throwing for over 5,000 yards and passing for 50 TD’s in 2018. He broke all kinds of record and ended up winning the MVP. He also performed well in the playoffs, but we will get to that in the next category.

Mahomes saw his production numbers drop off in 2019, but he also missed a couple of games due to injury. He still passed for over 4,000 yards and 26 TD passes, while also cutting way back on his INTs. He also had another great postseason.

Mahomes may have surpassed 5,000 yards this season had he not been rested the final game. What will he do in the playoffs starting this weekend?


Patrick Mahomes Playoff History

It was almost a trip to the Super Bowl for Mahomes and the Chiefs in his first full season as a starter. They made it all the way to the AFC Championship Game, which they lost in OT to the New England Patriots.

It almost seemed inevitable that the Chiefs would take one step further the following season, which they did with a dramatic come from behind win in the Super Bowl versus the San Francisco 49ers. Mahomes orchestrated the comeback and won the Super Bowl MVP.


Does Mahomes Need to Win the Super Bowl This Year?

The easy answer here is no, he does not. Mahomes has already achieved more than most QBs this early in their career and he looks set for a spectacular career. This Chiefs team looks as though it is going to be good for a long time, so you do get the sense that he will get more chances to add to his Super Bowl ring collection.

Will Tom Brady Retire At The End Of The 2021 Season?

Previous Betting News

On Sunday, Tom Brady, the greatest NFL player of all time, will play for his seventh Super Bowl championship. Already, Brady has rings adorning six of his fingers. A seventh ring would look great. But although the biggest question is whether Brady can get that seventh ring, another question we must ask is win or lose, will Tom Brady retire after the ref blows the whistle that ends Super Bowl LV? Let’s find out so you can continue getting ready to make your bets against their Super Bowl odds.


Whether Tampa Wins or Not, Will Tom Brady Retire?

Super Bowl LV: Kansas City Chiefs Vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers

  • When: Sunday, Feb. 7 at 6:30 pm ET
  • Where: Raymond James Stadium, Tampa, FL
  • Broadcast Net: CBS

Reasons Tom Brady will retire after Super Bowl LV

The reasons we talked about Brady retiring after the 2020 NFL Season are the same for why he might retire after the 2021 season.

The first reason is a simple one. What more does Terrific Tom have to accomplish? He’s won six Super Bowls. He’s won 4 Super Bowl MVPs.

He’s won 3 NFL Most Valuable Player Awards. He’s gone to 14 Pro Bowls. There’s nothing else for Brady to accomplish.

The other reason is that the greatest quarterback of all time has shown a decline in skills. Brady threw 12 interceptions this season. The last time he threw 12 picks was back in 2011.

In the NFC Championship against the Green Bay Packers, Brady threw three interceptions. In the playoffs, Tom hasn’t completed more than 55.6% of his passes and that was versus Green Bay.


Reasons Tom Brady won’t retire after Super Bowl LV

Two reasons exist for why Brady won’t call it quits whether Tampa beats Kansas City or not. First, Brady’s skills have diminished but the diminishing appears to have occurred only in the playoffs.

During the season, Tom threw 40 touchdown passes. He completed over 65% of his passes. Brady’s completion percentage is a massive improvement from his 60.8% completion percentage in 2019.

Sure, Terrific Tom tossed 3 picks against the Packers. But that game happened after two straight playoff battles versus tough defenses, New Orleans’ in the Divisional Playoffs, and Washington in Tampa’s Wildcard Round game.

The real reason to believe Brady sticks around is because he signed a 2-year contract to play for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The GOAT will honor the contract.


Tom Brady won’t retire no matter what happens on Sunday

Win or lose, Tom Brady won’t retire. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are young on both sides of the ball. Tom continues to have the same fire started burning inside him when he became New England’s starter in 2001.

More importantly, he signed a 2-year deal to play for the Buccaneers. Brady won’t leave Bruce Arians and Tampa in the lurch by calling it quits after the final whistle on Sunday.

Updated 2020 Super Bowl Odds: Here Come Tom Brady’s Bucs

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No team has played a Super Bowl in its home stadium, but it could easily happen this season with Super Bowl 55 scheduled for Feb. 7, 2021, at Tampa’s Raymond James Stadium. Tom Brady and the Buccaneers have found their stride in the past two weeks with impressive victories over the Raiders and Packers and are now +650 third-favorites to win Super Bow at Mybookie.ag.


Tom Brady’s Bucs | 2020 NFL Expert Analysis

Kansas City (+350) and Baltimore continue to lead the way (+600), but the Bucs have replaced Seattle as the team with the shortest odds from the NFC.

In Sunday’s 45-20 win in Las Vegas, Brady passed for 369 yards with four touchdowns and no interceptions for a 127.0 rating and added a rushing touchdown while tight end Rob Gronkowski had a touchdown reception.

Including the postseason, Brady and Gronkowski have connected for 92 touchdowns, tied with the Pro Football Hall of Fame combination of Steve Young and Jerry Rice (92) for the second-most touchdowns by a quarterback-receiver pairing in NFL history. Only Peyton Manning and Marvin Harrison (114 touchdowns) had more. Brady now has 94 career games with at least 300 passing yards, surpassing Manning (93) for the second-most in NFL history. Only Drew Brees (122) has more. Brady’s not catching Brees.

The Bucs did get some bad news from Sunday’s win as 2019 Pro Bowl wideout Chris Godwin fractured his index finger and is out for Week 8 against the Giants at a minimum. Godwin has played in just four games for the Bucs this season, but the team believes he has a shot to play in Week 9. That week also should see the debut of newly-signed wideout Antonio Brown.

Brown officially signed his one-year deal with Tampa Bay on Tuesday. It is a one-year deal for a base salary of $750,000 with incentives that could push the value to $2.5 million. He can earn $750,000 if the Buccaneers win the Super Bowl and has three $250,000 incentives for 45 receptions, 650 yards and six touchdowns during the regular season. For Brown to earn the individual incentives, the Buccaneers must make the playoffs.

Brown is currently in Week 7 of an eight-week suspension for violating the NFL’s personal conduct policy and he is still under probation for felony burglary with battery charges for the next two years. Brady had been pushing for the Bucs to sign Brown since the summer, and Brown also had interest from the Seattle Seahawks. Tampa Bay has a two-year window to win and will do anything to capitalize.

Kansas City has been the betting favorite to repeat all season. Former All-Pro running back Le’Veon Bell rushed six times for 39 yards in the Chiefs’ Week 7 win over the Broncos. Bell was not targeted in the passing game. It was an inconclusive Chiefs debut for the 28-year-old back. He was signed after being released by the Jets.

We should find out how good Baltimore is this week as the Ravens are 3.5-point favorites over the visiting Pittsburgh Steelers, who are the NFL’s only unbeaten. Last week’s trade for defensive end Yannick Ngakoue from Minnesota gives the Ravens another pass rusher to stalk Pittsburgh QB Ben Roethlisberger, which could be a key addition for this matchup.

Ngakoue grew up in Bowie, Md., about 30 minutes from M&T Bank Stadium. He wasn’t rooting for the Ravens, however. He was a Steelers fan.

The 6-0 Steelers (+750 to win Super Bowl) will be trying to match their best start to a season in franchise history. Pittsburgh coach Mike Tomlin is 11-13 against the Ravens in the regular season — 2-1 in the postseason — since John Harbaugh became the head coach in Baltimore and many of those games have come down to the wire. Four of them have gone to overtime.

Seattle is now +800 to win the Super Bowl after losing last Sunday night at Arizona. The Seahawks have been living on the edge far too often, and it finally caught up with them. Since 2012, Seattle had been 59-0 in games in which it led by at least four points at halftime. Russell Wilson had 472 combined passing and rushing yards. He threw for 388 yards and rushed for 84, his most rushing yards since Week 10 of the 2018 season.

However, Wilson also threw three picks. It was just his fifth game, playoffs included, with three or more interceptions. The Seahawks are now 1-4 when Wilson throws three or more interceptions, with the only win coming in the NFC Championship Game victory over Green Bay.



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