NFL 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Options Analysis

NFL 2021 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Betting Options Analysis

Although Kansas City is the favorite to win Super Bowl 56, most NFL analysts believe Tampa is the top team heading into the season. The Buccaneers are the second choice to lift the Lombardi Trophy. But even though Tampa should be a top team this season, do they offer fair or overlay NFL future book odds? Check out our Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL odds analysis where we tell you if the number is fair, overlaid, or underlaid. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 2021 Season Options to Bet On

2021 NFL Season

  • When: Sep. 9, 2021 – Jan. 9, 2022

Buccaneers to Win Super Bowl 56  +550

Heading into the season, Tampa Bay is the best team in the NFC. They should have no trouble winning their division and are a good bet to grab homefield advantage.

Those two things make the odds on Tampa repeating as Super Bowl champs fair. Ah, but history says TB, although the best team in their conference, fails to win the title. No team has won back-to-back Super Bowls since Tom Brady and the Patriots in 2003 and 2004.

Does that mean Brady and the Bucs offer underlay odds? Nope. The +550 odds are fair because if Brady could do it with the Patriots, he can do it with this super talented Buccaneers squad.   

Buccaneers Super Bowl 56 Odds: Fair

Buccaneers NFC Championship +300

Overlay odds require a surprise. +300 doesn’t constitute a surprise. They do constitute fair odds. The only thing that should derail Tampa Bay this season are injuries. So at +300 Tampa has a real good shot of making it to their second straight Vince Lombardi Trophy game. 

Buccaneers NFC Championship Odds: Fair

Buccaneers Worst Regular Season Record +25000

The odds make Tampa an underlay. It’s difficult to think of an NFL team that wins the Super Bowl and then lands the worst record in the league the following season. It’s never happened.

The Buccaneers play the 29th most difficult schedule in the league. They’ll go .500 even if Brady misses the season.   

Buccaneers Worst Regular Season Record Odds: Underlay

Buccaneers NFC South Division -220

Nobody wants to accept -220 odds, but it’s difficult to find a team that beats the Buccaneers and wins the NFC South. The Saints are the likeliest contenders. 

New Orleans also offers fair odds. Not only that, but the Saints beat the Bucs in 2-of-3 last season. 

If you don’t want to accept the low odds on Brady and his teammates, then go with New Orleans. -220 are fair odds, though. 

Buccaneers NFC South Division Odds: Fair

Bruce Arians Coach of the Year +2000

Like most of the future book odds on the Buccaneers, Bruce Arians to win Coach of the Year is also fair. Tampa could be better this season than they were last season. A 1 or 2 loss season is possible because the schedule is so weak. 

Arians’ team is loaded on both sides of the ball. Unless injuries hit, Bruce will be one of the top five contenders heading into the regular season’s final month. 

Bruce Arians Coach of the Year Odds: Fair

Tom Brady NFL MVP +1200

Brady has a ridiculous group of receivers. Antonio Brown, Chris Godwin, and Mike Evans are all WR1s. Tight-end Rob Gronkowski should have a great season. So will Leonard Fournette, who is an underrated pass-catching running back. Also, the offensive line is stacked. Tristan Wirfs and Donovan Smith make for one of the top tackle tandems in the league.  

Tom Brady NFL MVP: Fair

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Regular Season Wins

It’s impossible to go under. After studying Tampa’s schedule, the Bucs should win at least 13 games. Fourteen victories is a strong possibility. 

If everyone stays healthy, the Bucs could win 15 or 16 games. Tampa should blow past the 11 ½ number.  

Buccaneers Regular Season Wins Pick: Over 11 ½ -160 

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