Top 2022 NFL Miami Dolphins Matches to Bet On the 1st Four Weeks of the Season

Top 2022 NFL Miami Dolphins Matches to Bet On the 1st Four Weeks of the Season

For any team to go on and win the Super Bowl, they need to have a solid squad of players. That said, it all begins with the QB that a team has in place. The list of elite QBs is a short one, but a good QB can do great things if they have the weapons to help them succeed. I think it is fair to suggest that the jury is still out on Tua Tagovailoa in Miami, but it does seem that the Dolphins front office want to do all they can to get the best out of their young QB. That became very clear when they went out and picked up WR Tyreek Hill from the Kansas City Chiefs. They also have an offensive minded new head coach in Mike McDaniel, so is this going to be a breakout year for Miami? I think we might get the answer quite quickly, as the opening 4 games of the season are all tough. That is why I am focusing on those 4 games for this piece. Let’s take a look at the Miami Dolphins must bet games so you can continue planning your bets against their NFL Odds.

Miami Dolphins Must Bet Regular Season Games From Week 1 to 4 | NFL Betting

Week 1 Vs New England Patriots

If we are to believe that the Buffalo Bills are a shoo-in to win the division, which is certainly easy enough to believe, then it’s going to be a battle for Wild Card spots between the Dolphins and the Patriots. Starting at how certainly gives Miami a bit of an edge, but besides the importance of this game in terms of the playoff race, it’s also going to be cool to het a look at Tyreek Hill in his first official game as a Dolphin.

Week 2 at Baltimore Ravens

If Week 1 is a divisional test, then Week 2 has to be seen as a way for the Dolphins to measure where they potentially stand in the AFC as a whole. Most of us expect the Baltimore Ravens to be vying for the #1 seed in the conference, so if the Dolphins can go on the road and put on a solid display, even without winning, then that might just give us a better idea of what to expect from them this season.

Week 3 Vs Buffalo Bills

The brutal start to the season continues by welcoming in the team that the bookies have in as the favorites to win the Super Bowl this year. The Buffalo Bills are stacked from top bottom and should not, barring injuries to key personnel, have too much problem making it back to the playoffs again this season. This, though, will be an opportunity for the Dolphins to perhaps plant a seed of doubt, but they are going to need to deliver something special to get the win here.

Week 4 at Cincinnati Bengals

It was a surprise to see the Bengals make it all the way to the Super Bowl last season. Yes, this is a team on the rise, but the feeling in 2021 was that they were still a season or two away from competing for championships. They have arrived early and are one of the teams to beat this season, which means another tough one for Miami. There is a chance that the Dolphins could be 0-4 to start the year. But of they even go .500 through this stretch, we might be looking at a team ready to make a run.


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