Analysis On the Odds to Win the NHL Playoffs 2nd Round Series Matches

Analysis On the Odds to Win the NHL Playoffs 2nd Round Series Matches

We are now just a day away from the start of the second round of the NHL playoffs. The opening round is going to be a tough act to follow, with so many of the series forced to go the full 7 games. The 8 teams that moved on don’t really have much time to celebrate that early success, as it’s quickly on to the next battle. The winners of the 4 upcoming series will move onto the Conference Finals and will also be one step closer to winning the Stanley Cup. We can probably expect these series to be tight, but we also need to look at what the bookies think, so let’s quickly break down all 4 series with the NHL Playoffs Odds included for each.

2022 NHL Playoffs Betting Odds for the Round 2 Series Matchups

Tampa Bay Lightning Vs Florida Panthers

It was a battle, but the Tampa Bay Lightning saw their hopes of a threepeat stay alive with a Game 7 win over the Toronto Maple Leafs in Round 1. The Lightning come into this series as the underdog and are currently listed at +121 to move on. The Florida Panthers were made to work hard by the Washington Capitals, but they moved on in 6 games and come into this series at odds of -147. These two teams split the 4 games they played in the regular season, so it would not be a surprise to see the series go 6 or 7 games.

St. Louis Blues at Colorado Avalanche

We have been talking about favorites to win the Stanley Cup since the opening day of the season, with the Colorado Avalanche getting a lot of love. They swept the Nashville Predators in Round 1 and are in at -400 to win this series versus the St. Louis Blues, who made it here by beating the Minnesota Wild in 6 games. It’s no real surprise that the Avalanche are in as the favorites here, especially since they tool 2 of 3 from the Blues in the regular season.

New York Rangers Vs Carolina Hurricanes

While it’s easy to quote the regular season in previews, it is worth remembering that the playoffs are a whole different game. The Hurricanes rolled over the Boston Bruins in the regular season, but they needed 7 games to down them in the postseason. That, though, is enough to have them in as the favorite here at odds of -211. The Rangers needed 7 games to get past the Penguins and given that they lost 3 of 4 to the Hurricanes in the regular season, it’s perhaps no surprise that they are at odds of +170 to win this series.

Edmonton Oilers Vs Calgary Flames

The highlight of the second round might well be this series, which will almost certainly reignite the Battle of Alberta. Both of these teams needed 7 games to get past their first-round opponents, with the Flames forced into a Game 7 OT win versus the Dallas Stars. While these two teams split their regular season series, it is the Flames who are in as the favorites at odds of -200. If you like the Oilers to down the Pacific Division winners, you can get them at odds of +160.

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