Top 2022 NHL Matches to Must Bet On Week 18

Top 2022 NHL Matches to Must Bet On Week 18

As we head into another new week in the world of the NHL, it’s always fun to look at the teams that are surging, as well as those that are hitting a rough patch. Right now, there is no team in the league hotter than the Calgary Flames, as they are coming into the new week on a 9-game win streak that has seen them blowing teams out on a regular basis. On the flipside, you have the San Jose Sharks, losers of 6 in a row, sinking like a stone. Will these trends continue, or will we see new teams rise and fall this week? Only time will tell, but for now, let’s take a look at some of the better matchups on the NHL Betting schedule this week.

NHL Betting | Must Wagers Games This Week (Feb. 21st – 24th)

Toronto Maple Leafs at Montreal Canadiens – Monday

This might not be the most evenly matched game on the schedule this week, but it’s always cool to see these two iconic franchises go head-to-head. The Maple Leafs are lurking just off the pace in the Atlantic Division, with Tampa and Florida duking it out for the top spot. The Leafs are continuing to chip away, going 7-3-0 in their last 10 games and keeping pace with the teams ahead of them. The Canadiens are having an unexpected run of form, winning 2 in a row, although that means that they are just 2-8-0 in their last 10. Maybe they can pull out the surprise win.

Nashville Predators at Florida Panthers – Tuesday

The battle for playoff spots in the Western Conference looks as though it is likely to go all the way down to the wire this season. As it stands at the moment, the Nashville Predators are occupying one of the Wild Card spots, but there are a lot of teams on their heels, and with a 4-game losing streak right now, they are slipping ever closer to the line. The Florida Panthers have been solid all season long and are back on top of the Atlantic. This really is a fantastic matchup and one of the best of the week.

Edmonton Oilers at Tampa Bay Lightning – Wednesday

The defending Stanley Cup champions are showing that they are not about to give up their crown without a fight, as the Lightning currently has one of the best records in the NHL. They will have a tough one on their hands on Wednesday night, with the Edmonton Oilers coming to town after going 6-3-1 in their last 10 games. The Oilers are in the midst of playing catch up on all their postponed games and are 6-3-1 in their last 10, taking them to 3rd in the Pacific Division.

Calgary Flames at Vancouver Canucks – Thursday

If there is a more exciting team to watch in the league than the Calgary Flames right now, then I’m not sure who it could be, The Flames come into the new week having won 9 in a row, but it is the nature of those wins that makes them such an exciting proposition, scoring 5 and 6 goals per game at a stunningly regular clip. A trip to Vancouver is never an easy one, so the Flames will not be taking this game for granted. Divisional battles are always fun to watch and wager on.


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