Top 2022 NHL Week 19 Matches to Must Bet On the Weekend

Top 2022 NHL Week 19 Matches to Must Bet On the Weekend

If you had to sit down now and make a decision on who is going to win the Stanley Cup, which team would you choose? Would it be the Colorado Avalanche, who have the best record in the NHL right now, or maybe the defending champion Tampa Bay Lightning, who are having another great season. Maybe you are someone that like the idea of a dark horse, with a team like the Calgary Flames perhaps the one that catches your eye. The good news is that we do not have to decide the winner today, but we do need to start looking ahead to the weekend to find the games that would be considered a must bet. Let’s take a closer look at the big games coming up this weekend so you can get all set to bet against their NHL Odds.

NHL Betting | Top Must Bet Games Friday, Mar. 3rd to Sunday, Mar. 5th

Pittsburgh Penguins at Carolina Hurricanes – Friday, Mar. 3

As it stands right now, the Carolina Hurricanes are beginning to open up a lead at the top of the Metropolitan Division, leading the Penguins by 5 points. With so many games to come, that lead is not safe, but the Penguins are going to want to keep the gap manageable by getting the win here and cutting the lead to 3. Both teams have had a similar run over the last 10 games, but while the Hurricanes are coming off a loss, the Penguins have won 2 in a row.

Vegas Golden Knights at Anaheim Ducks – Friday, Mar. 3

There is a great playoff battle going on in the Western Conference at the moment, with the Pacific Division currently about as tight as it gets. The Vegas Golden Knights and the Anaheim Ducks are in the thick of it all, but the Ducks have been losing some ground of late, going 4-5-1 in their last 10 and falling to 4th in the Pacific. The Golden Knights are a point out of 2nd and have gone 5-4-1 in their last 10. Both teams could use a positive run of form to keep pace with the Flames at the top, so a big game here.

Calgary Flames at Colorado Avalanche – Saturday, Mar. 4

This is potentially the game of the weekend, as both of these teams are on fire at the moment. The Calgary Flames have had a busy schedule as they make up their postponed games, but it has not slowed them down, as they have 12 wins in their last 13 games, giving themselves a 5-point lead at the top of the Pacific Division. The Avalanche are living up to their billing as the favorites to win the Stanley Cup and are the only team in the NHL to have crossed the 80-point barrier thus far.

Dallas Stars at Minnesota Wild – Sunday, Mar. 5

No one in the Central Division is going to admit it just yet but catching the Colorado Avalanche now looks like an impossible task. The Minnesota Wild are down in 3rd at the moment, but they are losing ground in the worst way and are on a 4-game losing streak. Dallas is clinging to the final Wild Card spot in the Western Conference and are coming off a huge win over the LA Kings. Both of these teams need the win for different reasons, so this should be a good one.


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