2024 Paris Olympics Betting: Weightlifting Odds

Lifting the Stakes! Olympic Weightlifting Betting Lines & Expert Picks for Gold

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The roar of the crowd intensifies as the Olympic Weightlifting competition reaches its peak! The world’s strongest athletes are poised to battle for glory, so before the barbells clang, let’s dissect the Olympic Weightlifting betting lines, analyze the contenders’ strategies, and unveil some winning picks!


2024 Olympic Weightlifting Expert Predictions
| MyBookie Weightlifting Analysis of the Race to Gold

Olympic Games Paris 2024: Games of the XXXIII Olympiad
August 7th – August 11th, 2024


Olympic Weightlifting Expert Picks

If you’re not familiar with Olympic weightlifting, you may not know how precise each aspect of each lift is required to perform at the highest level.

A single misstep can be the difference between winning a medal and heading home with nothing.

With that in mind, check out Olympic weightlifting odds, analysis, and free picks.


Writer’s Men’s Olympic Weightlifting Top Three Picks

Men’s 89 Kilograms

Pick: Yeison Lopez +150
Underdog Pick: Keydomar Vallenilla +1000

Karlos Nasar is the -250 favorite.

Nasar’s top lift was 396, four kilograms higher than the top pick’s 392. But although Nasar will be tough to beat, backing Yeison to get it done makes sense.

He has yet to lift more than Nasar this year.

The Olympics would be the perfect time to peak.

The top underdog play has a top lift of 385. For sure, Vallenilla must step up his game if he hopes to compete for gold. Strange things happen in the Olympics.

So if you believe Lopez and Nasar fall apart, consider Vallenilla the best underdog play.


Men’s 102 Kilograms

Pick: Li Huanhua -4100
Underdog Pick: Akbar Djuraev +1200

Nobody should be Li Huanhua.

The 1-to-41 odds choice topped out at 413 kilos.

The 413 kilos is 12 more kilos than second choice Garick Karapetyan at 401.

Our underdog choice, Akbar Djuraev, has topped out at 400. Djuraev must step up to get close to winning gold.

Actually, Huanhua must fail for Djuraev to have any shot at gold.

A silver is possible for sure.


Men’s 102-plus Kilograms

Pick: Lasha Talakhadze -10000
Underdog Pick: Gor Minasyan +1200

Many Olympic weightlifting fans know that you don’t bet against Talakhadze.

The legend heads to France a massive -10000 favorite.

Lasha should pick up his game like always does in international competitions.

Gor Minasyan is the top dog. Minasyan must make up 10 kilograms on Talakhadze, which doesn’t seem even remotely possible.

Unless Lasha steps to the platform injured, Gor will be lifting for silver.


Women’s Olympic Weightlifting Top Three Picks

Women’s 59 Kilograms

Pick: Luo Shifang -3300
Underdog Pick: Maude Charron +800

Shifang is 12 kilos ahead of two lifters, Camilla Konotop and our top underdog play, Maude Charron.

Shifang’s 248 is fantastic, but the odds give Charron a shot.

Perhaps, someone knows something we don’t.

In any case, the +800 makes Charron an underlay or suggests she improves big time and Shifang takes a huge backward step.

Either way, we’re willing to take a swing.


Women’s 71 Kilograms

Pick: Olivia Reeves -800
Underdog Pick: Loredana Toma +600

Reeves, the only Team USA pick, heads into the competition after lifting 268.

She’s head of Toma by 7 kilos.

Toma has a real shot of overtaking Reeves. So consider Toma a legit underdog.

Once again, the odds and betting on the women’s weightlifting side are much different than what is going on with the men.

Toma is worth a few bucks because she can catch Reeves if Olivia isn’t at her best.


Women’s 81-plus Kilograms

Pick: Li Wenwen -10000
Underdog Pick: Chaidee Duangaskorn +1900

Like many of the Chinese favorites in Olympic Weightlifting, it’s going to be close to impossible to beat Li Wenwen.

The -10000 choice has the Women’s 81-plus kilogram gold in the bag.

Unless she fails in some way. If she does, Thailand’s Chaidee Duangaskorn should be there to score the upset.

At +1900 odds, we don’t have to bet much to profit.

Consider if you believe Wenwen doesn’t perform to expectations.


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2020 Tokyo Olympics Betting: Weightlifting – Four Names To Watch Out For

Previous Betting News

Only a couple of days separate us from the Tokyo Summer Olympic Games, where some of the best athletes in the world will compete for the prestige that comes with winning the gold medal. The athletes will compete over 33 different sports and 339 events, presenting us with plenty of action to follow, but most importantly, to bet on.

In today’s Tokyo Olympics preview, we take a look at a sport that might get as much attention as football or basketball but is just as exciting for those who like big and heavy things. Of course, we’re talking about the manliest sport on the schedule – Weightlifting.

So without further ado, let’s jump into the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Weightlifting preview, where we take a look at four names you should watch out for when placing bets on Weightlifting Odds.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Weightlifting Betting Analysis

2020 Tokyo Olympics – Weightlifting

When: July 24- August 4
Where: Tokyo International Forum

-Men’s Weightlifting-

Lasha Talakhadze – Georgia

Category: +109kg
Odds: -1200

Lasha Talakhadze travels to Tokyo as one of the main betting favorites to claim his second gold medal. The 27-year-old Georgian has already won gold at the 2016 Rio Olympics Games, where she completed a clean and jack of 258kg and snatch of 215kg.

Adding to that, he has four World Championship titles from 2015 Houston, 2017 Anaheim, 2018 Ashgabat, and 2019 Pattaya, as well as five European Championships from 2016 Forde, 2017 Split, 2018 Bucharest, 2019 Batumi, and 2021 Moscow.

He is undeniably the most dominant weightlifter in the men’s super-heavyweight class and a three-time international Weightlifting Federation (IWF) Male Lifter of the Year.

Shi Zhiyong – China

Category: +73kg
Odds: -600

Shi Zhiyong won gold in the 69kg category in Rio and holds the world record in men’s 73kg class in clean and jerk, snatch, and total. He broke the snatch world record (169kg) at the Asian Weightlifting Championships in April 2021, while he set the other two records back in 2019.

Besides his recent success, Shi Zhiyong also holds three World Championship titles from 2015 Houston, 2018 Ashgabat, and 2019 Pattaya. To that, he added four Asian Championship titles from 2012 Pyeongtaek, 2016 Tashkent 2019 Ningbo, and 2020 Tashkent.

-Women’s Weightlifting-

Laurel Hubbard – New Zealand

Category: +87kg
Odds: +400

Laurel Hubbard is set to become the first transgender athlete to compete at the Olympics, marking a monumental moment in the history of the sporting competition. She is ranked no.7 in the IWF’s women’s +87gk division.

Hubbard has previously competed in the men’s weightlifting division before her transition in 2013 but has not achieved much success before the change.

Hubbard travels to Tokyo with six titles across the last four years. That includes gold medals from the 2017 World Masters Games, 2019 Pacific Games, two Commonwealth Championships titles from 2017 and 2019, as well as two gold medals from the 2019 and 2017 Oceania Championships.

Hidilyn Diaz – Philippines

Category: +55kg
Odds: +480

Hidilyn Diaz wrote history for her nation in Brazil when she became the first Filipino woman to win a Summer Olympic medal after 20 years. It also marked the nation’s first non-boxing medal since 1932, when José Villanueva won bronze in men’s Bantamweight.

She won silver in the 53kg category after successfully lifting 88 kg in snatch and 112kg in clean and jerk. She later added a gold medal in the 2018 Asian Games and bronze in the 2019 World Championships. Most recently, Diaz won gold in the women’s 55kg event at the Roma 2020 World Cup.

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