Predictions for Quarter-Finals in Copa America 2016

Predictions for Quarter-Finals in Copa America 2016

Written by on June 13, 2016

Group stage play at the 2016 Copa America is almost over, and there are a few quarter-final match-ups that have already been decided. We will have a much clearer picture on Tuesday night when the final group stage games go in the books, but it’s never too early to take a look ahead at what the quarters may have in store. I will take a look at the two games that have already been set in stone, as well as what we might expect from the groups that are still to be decided. The live odds will not have been posted for these quarter-final match-ups just yet, but that doesn’t mean I can’t make some bold predictions.

Predictions for Quarter-Finals in Copa America 2016


The Quarter-Finals Match-Ups That Have Been Decided

As mentioned earlier, we already know two of the four games that we will see at this stage of the tournament, one of which involves the host United States.

The Americans potentially dodged a bullet after coming back to win Group A with a pair of gritty back to back wins. It still looked as though they were going to finish second and potentially have a date with Brazil, but the tournament went off script for a couple of days. Costa Rica knocked of Colombia, condemning them to second in the group, and then Peru stunned Brazil to win Group B and knock out the perennial world champions. That set up a Thursday night tilt in Seattle featuring the US and Ecuador. The states will be without DeAndre Yedlin who was red-carded in the final group stage game, and that could be a problem against an Ecuador team that takes advantage of their speed on the wings. I still think the US will win this one, but it will be tight.

Peru will face Colombia on Friday night, and you have to believe that their improbable run is about to come to an end. The Colombians have looked very good, and their defeat to Costa Rica came with them fielding a less than full squad. James Rodriguez is the game changer here, so look for Colombia to move on quite comfortably.

The Undecided Quarter-Final Match-Ups

We already know that Mexico and Venezuela will be coming out of Group C, but where they land will depend on the outcome of their meeting on Monday night. The runner-up in the group is most likely going to have to face Argentina, so both will be looking to get the win. I think Mexico will come away with it.

Group D is being dominated by Argentina, and all with Lionel Messi playing just about 30 minutes’ total. The fact that he bagged a hat-trick in a brief appearance as a substitute tells you all you need to know about his importance to this tea. Argentina should win the group with maximum point, and I believe they will be joined by Chile, who should take care of a Panama team weakened by suspension.

Argentina would then face Venezuela in the QF, while Chile would be matched up with Mexico. The Argentinians would almost certainly move on to the semis, with the other game being a toss-up. Give it to Mexico based on current form.