UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group C and Group D Winners & Losers

UEFA Euro 2020 Betting Update: Group C and Group D Winners & Losers

The final group matchday is June 23. In the previous EURO 2020 update, we talked about the three teams from Group A and Group B that are headed to the knockout stage. In this update, we discuss the three squads from Group C and Group D so you can continue betting against MyBookie’s Euro Cup Odds

Soccer Betting | Euro Cup 2020 – Group C and Group D Update


  • When: June 11 – July 24

Group C Betting Update

  • Winner: Netherlands 

Georginio Wijnaldum and the Netherlands dominated Group C. The Dutch beat the Ukraine 3-2. They then put a 2-0 beating onto Austria. The Netherlands dominated Northern Macedonia 3-0 in their final group match.

On June 27, the Netherlands takes on the Czech Republic in their Round of 16 match. If Wijnaldum and Memphis Depay continue to play well, Holland could definitely make a run to the EURO 2020 title. 

  • Second-place: Austria 

Those 21 club league players helped the Austrians finish in second-place. Save for the tough loss to the Netherlands, Austria came up huge, beating Northern Macedonia 3-1 and the Ukraine 1-0.

But although Austria played well enough to make it to the Round of 16, their dream of winning the UEFA European Championship should end on Saturday. The Austrians drew mighty Italy.

The Italians have played like the best soccer squad at EURO 2020. The Austrians won’t give up versus Italy. But even if they play hard, Austria should be in some trouble.  

  • Third-place: Ukraine 

Let’s be honest. Ukraine lucked into a possible knockout stage berth. Both Austria and the Netherlands beat Ukraine. But the third-place squad from Group C got the win versus 0-3 Macedonia. 

At the time of this writing, we’re not sure if Ukraine has qualified for the Round of 16. The tournament will seed the top four third-place teams from the six groups, which means the Ukraine could be headed home.

Group D Betting Update

  • Winner: England

England beat Croatia 1-0, drew 0-0 with Scotland, and beat the Czech Republic 1-0. Due to their efforts, the English won Group D.

But winning Group D comes with a big caveat. The English must face the second-place squad from Group F in the Round of 16, which means England will face France, Germany, or Portugal. 

Any way we cut it, the English are up against it to make it to the quarters. All three Group F squads are talented enough to win EURO 2020. All three, especially France, match up well with England.

  • Second-place: Croatia

After losing to England, Croatia drew with the Czech Republic. Luka Modric’s squad really hit its stride in their third group match, dominating Scotland 3-1.

The Croatians battle the Spanish in the knockout stage. Spain finally broke through with an impressive victory on Wednesday, beating Slovakia 5-0. 

Croatia has the talent to hang with Spain. Don’t write Croatia off just yet. Also, after such a brilliant effort, there’s a chance Spain bounces with a bad performance.   

  • Third-place: Czech Republic 

The Czech’s beat Scotland 2-0, drew 1-1 with Croatia, and fell 0-1 to England. The Czech Republic is in the Round of 16.

Czechoslovakia’s knockout stage opponent are the Netherlands. Beating the Dutch won’t be easy. But the Netherlands could bounce after dominating during the group stage. Consider the Cech Republic a legit underdog to beat Holland. 


EURO 2024 Odds to Win

Team Odds
England +300
France +340
Germany +550
Spain +700
Portugal +800
Italy +1600
Belgium +1600
Netherlands +1600
Denmark +3500
Croatia +4000

EURO 2024 Odds to Win

Team Odds
Turkey +5000
Switzerland +6500
Serbia +8000
Austria +8000
Scotland +8000
Hungary +8000
Ukraine +10000
Poland +10000
Czech Republic +15000
Romania +20000



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