Top Dota 2 Betting Analysis: D2CL 2021 Season 5

Top Dota 2 Betting Analysis: D2CL 2021 Season 5

Written by on November 16, 2021

MyBookie brings you free Dota 2 betting previews and predictions for Wednesday, November 17 matches in Dota 2 Champions League Season 5.

Here are our top picks for Khan vs HYDRA and B8 vs V-Gaming, with all the information you’ll need to place bets on Dota 2 Betting Odds.

Top Dota 2 Games to Wager on Wednesday, November 17

Khan vs HYDRA

  • When: Wednesday, November 17 – 13:00 CST

Khan needed some time to get their wheels spinning, but after one week of action, it’s fair to start looking at them as potential contenders. Khan began their campaign with two losses against Creepwave (1-2) and Brame (1-2) but quickly bounced back with two back-to-back wins against Team Empire (2-0) and Nemiga Gaming (2-1).

Holding a 2-2 record after four rounds is respectable; however, we have to consider that Khan only really won against two of the weakest teams, while they weren’t ready to take on Brame and Creepwave early on. As a result, Khan’s next games will decide whether the team is worthy of a top-four finish and a shot at the title or whether they’re only good against weaker teams.

Perhaps we won’t get a clear answer to that on Wednesday, considering Khan’s next opponents can hardly be viewed as a solid squad. HYDRA enter this match with a 2-3 record, including wins against V-Gaming (2-1) and Team Empire (2-1) and three losses against Creepwave (0-2), Nemiga Gaming (0-2), and NoMarci (1-2).

Khan have looked better than HYDRA so far, even though they have yet to produce anything spectacular. Admittedly, Khan have shown some glaring weaknesses against Nemiga and Empire, but we are far less excited about HYDRA, who are simply not good enough to compete for a top-four finish, nor are we convinced HYDRA can end the season outside of the bottom two.

Prediction: Khan -1.5 maps

B8 vs V-Gaming

  • When: Wednesday, November 17 – 16:00 CST

B8 are strong candidates for a bottom-two finish, and it’s very hard to find many positives about a team that has yet to win a match after three rounds. So far, B8 have lost against Creepwave, NoMarci, and Nemiga – without winning a single map.

On the other side, V-Gaming are 1-3, which isn’t exactly good, but still slightly better than B8. Across their four outings, V-Gaming lost to HYDRA, Brame, and Creepwave, which is concerning, especially knowing that their only win came against NoMarci (2-1).

V-Gaming should win this match, not necessarily because they’re better than B8, but because B8 seem to be much worse. However, B8 have been slowly improving, which was expected from a team that recently rebuilt its roster.

Now the question is whether B8 have improved enough to upset V-Gaming? They lost against Nemiga Gaming on Monday, which doesn’t inspire much confidence; however, they forced a close series and could have easily won at least one map.

From what we have seen from these two teams, V-Gaming should win, but it won’t be a clean sweep. If V-Gaming couldn’t defeat HYDRA and have struggled against NoMarci, they should have no business beating B8 in straight maps.

Prediction: B8 +1.5 maps


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