Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On: LPL 2022 Spring Season Analysis

Top League of Legends Matches to Bet On: LPL 2022 Spring Season Analysis

MyBookie brings you free League of Legends Pro League (LPL) 2022 Spring betting tips and predictions for two matches on Friday, January 14. Check out our top League of Legends Betting picks for LGD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix, and JD Gaming vs Royal Never Give up.

Top LoL Games to Wager on Friday, January 14

LGD Gaming vs FunPlus Phoenix  

  • When: Friday, January 14 – 13:00 CST

FunPlus Phoenix essentially disbanded its team during this offseason due to a poor showing at the 2021 LoL World Championship. Although many people expected roster changes to happen, not many expected there to be that many.

Out of the former lineup, ADC Lin “Lwx” Wei-Xiang is the only player that stayed with the organization, while FPX acquired four new faces to fill in the gaps and form a new roster for the 2022 season. Top laner Ping “xiaolaohu” Xiao-Hu technically isn’t a new player on the team, but he has played for FPX only as a substitute the last term, so it’s not like he was a core member.

Looking at FPX’s current roster, they might look weaker on paper, but this is still a team that can compete for a spot at the 2022 LoL World Championship and have enough talent to possibly even challenge for the title. Although we don’t expect them to be as successful as EDG, FunPlus Phoenix shouldn’t be overlooked entirely.

Like FPX, LGD Gaming made some roster adjustments this offseason, which we aren’t too excited about. Keeping Zhiqiang “shad0w” Zhao was a solid choice, and finding a new ADC in He “Eric” Qiang is a positive change, but overall, this roster looks very weak.

With all due respect, LGD Gaming is one of the league’s bottom-four teams, and they will have to severely outperform our expectations to even be in the conversation for a playoffs appearance. 

Admittedly, these early-season games are often volatile and filled with upset wins, but it’s hard to make a case against FPX. Take the favorites to deliver in straight maps.

Prediction: FunPlus Phoenix -1.5 maps

JD Gaming vs Royal Never Give Up

  • When: Friday, January 14 – 15:00 CST

JD Gaming, like many other LPL teams, made some roster changes this offseason, and from the looks of it, they haven’t really improved by much. Forming a new-look roster should give JDG a chance for a fresh start following a disappointing season, which should benefit them, but if we go purely off the quality of the players, JDG won’t be competing for the title.

That’s not to say that this is a terrible team. JDG have enough talent to secure a spot in the playoffs and potentially win a game or two in the knockout stage, but anything beyond that is doubtful.

Royal Never Give Up are easily one of the top-four teams in the league and strong candidates to win the title. We would currently rank them below the likes of EDG and even LNG Esports, but this is a team everyone should keep an eye on.

As the 2021 MSI champions, RNG made some roster adjustments this offseason, bringing in Chen “Bin” Ze-Bin to replace Li “Xiaohu” Yuan-Hao in the top lane, with the latter transitioning back to the mid lane. Besides that, RNG has remained mostly intact, meaning we can expect the same level of consistency from them in 2022 as they showed last season.

You could feel doubtful about how well will Xiaohu’s transition to mid lane work out, but realistically, he doesn’t need to play that well. RNG made it to the QF at the 2021 LoL Worlds and won the 2021 MSI with Yuan “Cryin” Cheng-Wei, so as long as Xiaohu plays at least somewhat decent, RNG will be very strong. If Xiaohu proves to be an above-average mid laner, then we can start talking about RNG as strong LPL title contenders.

There is no reason for RNG to lose this match, and there are even fewer reasons to believe JDG Gaming can win. Trust the favorites to deliver.

Prediction: Royal never Give Up -1.5 maps


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