Nate Diaz is filling in for an injured Rafael Dos Anjos.

UFC 196 Diaz vs McGregor Odds Analysis

Written by on March 1, 2016

At the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas Nevada, on Saturday March 5th, 2016 – Nate Diaz will take on Conor McGregor, as part of UFC 196. Both of these fighters have been performing well as of late, but in this matchup, only one can win. McGregor is a large UFC online betting favorite over at in this fight, but let’s take a look at the UFC 196  analysis before we get you a pick for the fight.

UFC 196 Diaz vs McGregor Odds Analysis

A Look at Conor McGregor

Conor McGregor has been doing a much better job of grappling as of late. In his previous fight McGregor made it difficult for opponent Chad Mendes to get him down and punished the wrestler on his way in. He used a variety of angles and stance switches to take good care of him. Diaz is not a fight that will fire for the double and single left takedowns too often. When on back, McGregor is just average. When McGregor fought Mendes, he was able to do all his moves while he defending a front choke. This time, against Diaz, he will need to tuck his neck into fight off chokes. Nate Diaz is extremely confident and a great fighter on the ground. He is a real submission threat and can switch opponents necks from anywhere. He has jiu-jitsu skill that will help in this fight as well.

Diaz Fight Profile

When it comes to striking, Diaz has a good move with a hip toss, but that’s really it. He will need to connect early and often against McGregor to slow him down. Diaz is a plodder, which makes it tough for him to force a clinch. McGregor has shown that he is very hittable, but with a solid chin. McGregor may not be the traditional type of boxer with the head movements where he bobs and weaves, but his angles set him up nicely for his roundhouse kick.

UFC 196 Pick & Prediction

There are a ton of factors that go into a UFC 196 Prediction. McGregor should be able to use his foot spread and various striking attacks. Diaz has much better length, and is a better grappler. The size advantage goes to Diaz as well, but the fact he must cut weight just before this event has cause for concerns. There is no doubt Diaz could win this fight, but when push comes to shove, the edge for this fight goes to Conor McGregor. Bet Conor McGregor -440 at in UFC 196 on Saturday!
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