NBA Betting on the 33% System

NBA Betting on the 33% System

Ever heard of the 33% system of NBA betting in an online sportsbook? If you haven’t, then worry not because it’s a simple-to-understand and use betting strategy. The 33% is special type of martingale straight bet system that aims at improving your chances of making money in NBA betting by winning at least 2 games out of 6 (33 percent) to make a profit. The system was essentially designed for betting against the spread (ATS betting) in basketball or football with fixed odds of -110, but has since seen its implementation in many other sports across the world.

NBA Betting on the 33% System

How the 33% System Works in NBA Betting

The logic behind this system is that you place a series of up to 6 bets with preset amounts of money in the format of X, 2X, 4X, 6X, 8X and 12.5X, where X represents your betting unit value. Now, if your betting unit value is 100$, then your preset series would look like this: $100, $200, $400, $600, $800 and $1250. Depending on where you are in the series, you need to win only 1 or 2 games to make a profit and then start the system afresh with a new set of betting unit value.Below is an example of how the 33% system would work in a three-game series over three days

Day Amount Win/Loss Profit Net profit

1 $100 L -$100 -$1002 $200 L -$200 -$3003 $400 W +$360.40 +$60.40In the above example, the bettor lost $100 bet on the first bet, then the next day they lost again on a $200 bet, but on the third day, a bet of $400 was placed and he won +360, giving a net profit of $60.40 for the three days. If it was a flat bettor who wagers a flat amount of $100 on each of the three days, the net profit after a winning bet on the third day would be -$200.90, underling the value that comes with the 33% betting system.

Caution When Using the 33% System in NBA Betting

Wagering on teams in the NBA lines comes with winning and losing streaks, which can affect the 33% system positively or negatively, respectively. Obviously, when you are on a winning streak, the 33% betting system can be extremely profitable, leading to huge and better profits with every passing day. On the flipside, though, a losing streak can hammer your bankroll in a big way, especially if the skid stretches over a long duration.As a bettor, it is therefore important that you consider both sides of the coin—the advantages and disadvantages of the 33% system—and then factor in how it would affect your bankroll in case of a winning or losing streak. If the risk outweighs the potential value or the units are likely to deplete your bankroll in a big way, then maybe you should keep off this system and source for another one. However, if the benefits outweigh the risks or your bankroll can survive a beating in case of a bad streak, then you have all the rights in the world to consider using the risky-but-profitable 33% system in your NBA betting lines.