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Parlay Explained: How to Boost Your Sportsbetting Bankroll

Are you an NFL gridiron gambler that wants to know how you can boost your annual sportsbetting bankroll more exponentially than ever?

Are you gearing up for what promises to be one of the most exciting NFL seasons in recent memory and you’re looking to gather as much pertinent betting information as possible? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of the aforementioned questions, then you’re in luck!

Thanks to this original, you’re going to find out all about the fun-filled, payday-producing genre of parlay bets. With that said and the 2015 NFL season inching ever closer, let’s get started.

What is a Parlay Wager?

A parlay wager is simply a ‘combination’ bet that links anywhere from two to twelve (2-12) wagers together.

In order to win a parlay wager, bettors need to win all of their linked bets. If any one of the linked wagers loses, the entire parlay loses. While adding more wagers or teams increases the chances of your potential payday, the bigger the parlay, the more risk there is, so remember to make your parlay selections wisely.


How does a parlay work?

Let’s say the Denver Broncos (-3) are playing the Kansas City Chiefs whilethe New England Patriots are (-8) against the Buffalo Bills. Throw in the Green Bay Packers (-7) against the Chicago Bears and you have three NFL games you’re feeling pretty confident about.

Now, let’s say you like the Broncos, Bills and Packers to all cover their respective point spreads. Instead of placing three single-game wagers, you can make a parlay bet. If all three of your games turn out to be winners, you win your parlay bet. If one of the teams fails to cover their NFL betting line, then you lose.

If one of your linked picks results in a tie, such as the Denver Broncos winning their game by three points, then your wager will not result in a parlay wager loss. That single portion of your parlay will be graded as a push and your parlay will then be reduced to a two-team parlay.

A parlay wager that gets reduced all the way down to one team or one wager because of a push will result in the entire parlay being graded as a push. Your betting wager will then be returned to your account.


Cross-Sports Parlays?

Did you ever think about cross-sports parlay betting? Well, some oddsmaker somewhere already beat you to the punch. Cross-sports parlay betting is now a staple of the online betting industry that many experienced bettors consistently employ in their betting strategies.

You can parlay anywhere from two to 12 (2-12) events in a single parlay, covering anything from NFL action to college football, baseball, soccer or tennis.


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How Much Cheddar Can You win?

Calculating how much ‘cheddar’ you could potentially win all depends on the size of your parlay wager. However, in today’s technologically-advanced times, as you add teams or wagers to your parlay, bettors can see their potential payouts in their respective account sections.

Now that you know all about making an NFL parlay wager or cross-sport parlay bet it’s time to head to the sportsbook and ‘put your thing’ down!

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