Big3 Basketball Week 8 Betting Preview

Big3 Basketball Week 8 Betting Preview

Written by on August 6, 2018

The final week of the 2018 Big 3 Basketball Season takes place this Friday on August 10. Two of the games take place at the Infinite Energy Center in Duluth, GA. Two other games take place at Scotiabank Arena in Toronto, Ontario. Are there any upsets on the final day of Big 3 Basketball’s regular season? Or, will the favorites take it? Be sure to check out the latest Big 3 Basketball odds before the games go off the board.

Big3 Basketball Week 8 Betting Preview

Friday, August 10

3 Headed Monsters 6-1 vs Ghost Ballers 1-6

Power pummeled 3 Headed Monsters 25 to 16 in the first half of 3 Headed Monsters Week 7 loss. 3 Headed Monsters closed the gap considerably in the second half. Power only outscored them 26 to 24. Still, the damage had been done. 3 Headed Monsters lost 40 to 51.

Ghost Ballers isn’t the same Big 3 Basketball squad this season as they were last season. The Ballers lost 33 to 51 to 3’s Company in Week 7. Bad times appear on the horizon again for Ghost Ballers in Week 8.

Big 3 Basketball Week 8 Pick: 3 Headed Monsters

Tri-State 5-2 vs Trilogy 2-5

Tri-State looked good in their 51 to 45 victory over Killer 3’s last Friday. Tri-State is a good team. However, they could be in some trouble on August 10.

Finally, last year’s Big 3 Basketball Champions got it going. Trilogy dominated Ball Hogs in the second half of their 51 to 45 victory. Trilogy outscored Ball Hogs 31 to 19 in the second half. The defending champs could stay hot on Friday.

Big 3 Basketball Week 8 Pick: Trilogy

Killer 3’s 2-5 vs 3’s Company 5-2

Are the Killer 3's a safe bet in Big 3 Basketball Week 8?

3’s Company dominated Ghost Ballers in both halves of their easy Week 7 win. The key for 3’s Company in the wins was defense as they held Ghost Ballers to only 14 points in the first half. Ghost Ballers managed to score 19 points in the second half.

It was a great defensive showing overall, though. 3’s Company now battles a defensive-minded team in Killer 3’s. Can 3’s Company beat Killer 3’s on Friday? Yes. Will they cover the spread once it’s set? Again, yes.

Big 3 Basketball Week 8 Pick: 3’s Company

Ball Hogs 1-6 vs Power 6-1

6 and 1 Power has their sights firmly set on a Big 3 Basketball Championship. Power put their foot on the gas pedal in the first half of their 51 to 43 win over 3 Headed Monsters. They didn’t let up.

Ball Hogs just doesn’t have the scoring ability that Power possesses. The Corey Maggette led team should easily handle Ball Hogs in Week 8.

Big 3 Basketball Week 8 Pick: Power