5 Betting Reasons Why Alabama Could Disappoint in the Upcoming NCAAF Season

5 Betting Reasons Why Alabama Could Disappoint in the Upcoming NCAAF Season

Love them or hate them, you cannot deny that the Alabama Crimson Tide has been the dominant force in college football, winning 6 National Championships since 2009. They are heading into the new season as the favorites to pick up another one, but does that mean that you should put your money on them to win it all again? We are certainly not going to tell you how to bet, but there are some reasons why you might want to be cautious before betting the house on the Crimson Tide. Check out our College Football betting analysis on Alabama for the upcoming season so you can plan your bets against their NCAAF odds.

Top 5 Reasons Why Alabama Will Likely be a Disappointing College Football Pick this Season

1. No Repeat Champion in the Playoff Era – The 4-team playoff has been a part of college football for 7 years now, and in that time, we have not seen a team repeat as champion. In fact, you need to go back to 2012 to find a repeat champion, with Alabama winning it for the second straight season. Of course, these types of historical records are made to be broken, but it is a trend that is very difficult to ignore.

2. A Lot of Holes to Fill – One of the reasons why Alabama has been so successful under Nick Saban is because of their ability to recruit the best talent in the country. The Crimson Tide routinely lose a lot of players to the draft each year, with this year being no different. The consensus is that they will reload and not lose a step, but there comes a time when a new crop of players just isn’t able to fill in those holes as expected.

3. The SEC is a Nightmare – You will always hear fans argue about the toughest conference in college football, but when you look at it objectively, it is tough to bet against the SEC. There are a handful of teams that could potentially win the conference this coming season, and while Alabama is the favorite, there is no guarantee that they will even win their own division.

4. Great Challengers Across the Board – It is going to be tough enough for Alabama to get out of the SEC, but winning two more games in the playoffs is going to be tougher still given the level of competition. Would anyone really be surprised to see Clemson, Ohio, State, Georgia, or Oklahoma lift the National Championship this coming season? The answer to that question is no, so expecting Alabama to just cut their way through such stiff competition is asking a lot.

5. Other Potential Issues – You look at Alabama’s squad and you see a team that looks strong from top to bottom. One of the potential stumbling blocks we already discussed is the number of new players on this team and their ability to rise to the occasion, but you also have to look at things like injuries. Great teams win football games, but they also need some luck along the way throughout the course of a season. Can Alabama play great and get their share of luck required to win a National title?

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