2022 NCAA Football Betting Tips to Help You Handicap the 1st Half of the Season

2022 NCAA Football Betting Tips to Help You Handicap the 1st Half of the Season

As the college football season is upon us, the betting public is busy working on their season strategy. With it being early in the season, it’s always hard to tell how teams are going to be. We generally know who the top teams will be, but we’ve been let down before, so you better do your research. 

When taking a look at how to handicap the first half of the college football season, we’ve come up with a few NCAA Football Betting tips to help you out. Hopefully, these can help you when you’re placing your wagers, and you’ll be a successful bettor early on in the 2022 college football season. 

How to Handicap The First Half of the 2022 College Football Season

Show the Big Men Some Love!

When looking at returning starters, take a close look at how many offensive and defensive linemen are returning. When teams can be dominant up front, it goes a long way, especially early in the season. When teams have a solid front line on either side of the ball, that normally makes them very successful.

Coaching Changes

With the transfer portal now in play, a coaching change can sway a program one way or another. For instance, when Lincoln Riley left for USC, a lot of his players left Oklahoma. The transfer portal can also help a program get back on its feet, but it’s still something to monitor. 

There are also strategy changes, so things could be way different, and early in the season, teams may not be quite ready, as they’ve had to learn a lot of new things. 

Who Wins The Turnover Battle?

Teams that have the least amount of turnovers win 80% of the time. When looking at offensive and defensive stats, turnovers are key. If a team has an offense that turns the ball over an abundant amount of times, that’s a team that is likely to lose a close game.

On the flip side, if a defense gets a lot of interceptions and fumble recoveries, this is a team that is very likely to win games as well. 

Take a look at turnovers, and that should give you a good grasp on how good a team truly is.

Don’t Spread the Wings Too Far

Some people want to bet on a wide variety of games, while others want to just bet on games within two or three conferences. If you bet on games throughout the country, it’s going to be hard to keep up with all of them. It makes it difficult to do research on numerous teams.

If you limit yourself to games in two or three conferences, you can watch the games, monitor the trends, and do your research. You’ll know their tendencies, and you’ll know how their coaches treat certain situations. This can give you a huge betting advantage.

Home Field Advantage

While home-field can be big in the NFL, it’s HUGE in college football. College football crowds are much more raucous than NFL crowds, and that can give the home team a big advantage. When a powerful program is hosting a team that it should beat big at home, the home teams usually cover. In a very competitive game, the home field can be worth that extra half point.

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