Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – April 1st Edition

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – April 1st Edition

Written by on April 1, 2019

Switching gears and heading to the LDL Spring Split in China this week. Undefeated FunPlus Phoenix Gaming takes on Vici on Wednesday, April 3. Vici is in last place in the LDL Spring Split Pro League. Do they have any shot of taking down FunPlus? Check out analysis and a free pick for FunPlus versus Vici along with three other great matchups in League of Legends – LDL Spring Split on Wednesday, April 3!

Top eSports Betting Picks for the Week – April 1st Edition

League of Legends – LDL Spring Split

Wednesday, April 3

  • FunPlus vs Vici

At 13-0-2, FunPlus is dominating the LDL Spring Split. They’ve won their last 5 matches with victories over Edward Gaming, SinoDragon, Bilibili, Vici, and Victory 5. FunPlus did lose back-to-back to TopSports and Royal Never Give Up. Could FunPlus start another losing streak against Vici on Wednesday?

That’s unlikely. Vici has lost seven in a row. Their last win was 2:1 over LGD Gaming back on March 1. Vici has no chance to beat FunPlus unless the top team in LDL Spring Split just doesn’t show up to play.

eSports Betting Pick: FunPlus

  • TS Gaming vs Unlimited Potential

Top Sports, TS Gaming, has been one of the better Lol teams in LDL Spring Split. They’ve got an excellent 11-0-4 record with the 3 losses to SinoDragon, Edward, and Team WE. The losses to Edward and Team WE happened back-to-back. Top Sports did beat Bilibili in their last, though.

It’s hard to know what Unlimited Potential’s going to do on Wednesday. The team could upset Top Sports if they play perfectly, but what should happen is Top Sports dominating.

eSports Betting Pick: TS Gaming

  • Bilibili vs SinoDragon

SinoDragon will head into this match with a 9-0-6 record. That’s not near the top in LDL Spring Split, but it’s pretty good. They battle a team in Bilibili that’s 7-0-7.

Bilibili’s only a couple of games behind SinoDragon in the LDL Spring Split. They could most definitely take Sino down, but they haven’t played well at all. In fact, Bilibili has lost 5 out of 6 with their only win in an upset over top League of Legends squad Invictus. Beating Invictus is big. It’s not big enough to take Bilibili over SnioDragon.

eSports Betting Pick: SinoDragon
  • Edward Gaming vs Rogue Warriors

With a 4-0-11 record, Rogue Warriors sits at the bottom of the LDL Spring Split Standing. The only team worse than Rogue Warriors right now is Vici. Can Rogue step it up versus Edward Gaming on Wednesday?

Edward has won 3-of-4. The loss to Invictus in their last isn’t too big of a deal because Invictus is one of the best Lol teams in the world. Edward has actually gone 7-3 on the moneyline in their last 10. They should handle Rogue on April 3.

eSports Betting Pick: Edward Gaming