LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Flyquest

LCS Spring 2023 Week Seven Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. Flyquest

Flyquest were once the undisputed leaders of the 2023 Spring LCS, but two losses in their last three games has caused a massive changeup. The first seed is still up to grabs, with both Flyquest and Cloud9 tied at twelve wins each, and they face off on Wednesday to determine who will be in pole position for playoffs.

Cloud9, meanwhile, are coming off of five straight victories, including massive wins over TSM, EG, and 100 Thieves. Flyquest picked up a win in the matchup earlier in the season, but Cloud9 now have a huge momentum advantage that will allow anyone to pull off a victory here.

So check out our in-depth analysis to make your LOL betting picks.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 8 Betting Preview – Cloud9 vs. Flyquest


Top Lane

The top lane matchup in this series will see Flyquest’s Impact face off against Cloud9’s Fudge. Fudge has officially moved on from his early season K’Sante love, adding two more wins on Sion last week to bring his overall tally to four wins on the season. It remains to be seen if Fudge can adapt in the event of a Sion ban, but things are looking great for now.

The impact has felt the nerfs to K’Sante, with seven games on the champion but two straight losses in his last two tries. Impact’s dominance in the top lane was a huge part of Flyquest’s early dominance, and so far they have not been able to adapt to the K’Sante nerfs.



Cloud9’s Blaber has been fantastic in recent weeks, clearly not being affected by nerfs to Maokai. He picked up Viego last week, resurrecting that champion from a long series of nerfs, easily piloting it to a win.

Like Impact in the top lane, Spica has struggled to adapt to the heavy nerfs to one of the meta’s top junglers, Maokai. He lost two straight games on Sejuani in consecutive wins, causing some worry. If Flyquest are going to adapt in this role, it may come from Spica’s Vi, currently good for three wins out of three tries.


Mid Lane

Emenes has been a massive part of Cloud9’s current hot streak. He was able to easily adapt to Leblanc bans last week with solid performances on Tryndamere and Syndra.

Vicla of Flyquest has been the exception to the rule of Flyquest succumbing to meta changes. He has played eleven different champions through 15 matches, and his most played champion, Sylas, is showing no signs of future nerfs.


Bottom Lane

BBerserker is up to six games on Zeri, continuing to dominate on one of the best bot lane marksmen of the meta. Zven has done a fantastic job of diversifying his support champion pool as well, including a neat Annie pickup last week.

Flyquest have their own Zeri star in Prince, as the Korean import is good for two wins on the season, including a monstrous 14/0/1 performance against 100 Thieves. With a revolving door at support between Winsome and Eyla, Flyquest will have to pull out all the stops in this lane to stop Berserker and Zven.

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