LEC Spring 2023 Playoffs Betting Preview: G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions

LEC Spring 2023 Playoffs Betting Preview: G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions

League of Legends’ Europe & Middle East region is entering the final week of playoffs, and there are still four teams alive for one spot at the Mid Season Invitational. G2 Esports secured a spot at MSI in the winter split, but they can still improve their position by winning the Spring split. MAD Lions have been a surprise in the playoffs, securing a top-four finish after finishing 8th in the regular season. The Spanish org can clinch another spot in international play by making a miracle run through playoffs, but everything starts with this third-place matchup against G2. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the betting analysis for the LEC Spring 2023 Playoffs.


LEC Spring 2023 Playoffs Match Preview – G2 Esports vs. MAD Lions


Top Lane

G2’s Brokenblade has formed one-half of a top-jungle Gragas committee for G2, with three games played on the champion. While his 3.7 KDA is not the greatest, he usually manages to leave the laning stage with more gold than his opponent. Watch out for his Kennen, which was piloted to great success against both KOI and SK in recent weeks.

MAD Lion’s Chasy has been a weak spot for the Spanish side, with only a 1.8 KDA in playoffs amongst three games each on Gnar and K’Sante.



G2’s Yike has continued to shine in recent weeks, with two Gragas and two Bel’Veth games to his name. This offers G2 infinite flexibility in the draft stage, and Yike plays a part in nearly 70% of G2’s kills.

MAD’s hometown hero, Elyoya, is one of the scariest junglers in the LEC. With a kill score of 78.8% in the LEC playoffs and five games on Lee Sin, teams need to prepare for him in draft or they will quickly find themselves behind in the early game.


Mid Lane

G2’s Caps is the master of versatility in the LEC. He has played eight unique champions in eight games in playoffs, including games on K’Sante and Sejuani. However, Caps can struggle to get involved in kills, preferring to scale, so this opens up a window of opportunity for MAD Lions.

Nisqy of MAD is trying to one-up Caps, with ten champions in ten games so far in playoffs. Unlike his opponent, he has a kill score of 61%, thanks in large part to the great synergy he maintains with his jungler, Elyoya.


Bottom Lane

G2’s duo of Hans Sama and Mikyx have been solid all season long, continuing their unique lane duo of Varus and Nautilus to success in playoffs. Hans Sama’s KDA of 5.1 is quite impressive for a playoff squad, and G2 generally find themselves ahead in this lane.

MAD’s duo of Carzzy and Hylissang is a strange couple, but they have found success in the LEC playoffs. Carzzy has played Zeri, one of the meta’s best champs, four times, while Hylissang has an impressive vision score of 2.87 that helps serve as an engine for MAD’s early and mid-game prowess.


Final Prediction


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