LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview - JD Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview – JD Gaming vs. Golden Guardians

League of Legends’ 2023 MSI tournament is off to a blazing start, with teams across the world showing off their talents on the world stage. Golden Guardians have lived up to expectations so far as the second seed from North America, but they face a juggernaut in China’s number one seed, JD Gaming.

With international bragging rights on the line, these two teams should produce an amazing series. Get the MyBookie will have the LoL betting odds as they willl be playing a best-of-five series, with the winners facing off against the winners of the Cloud 9-BLG series.


League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview: JD Gaming vs. Golden Guardians | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

MSI 2023
Organizer: Riot Games
Location: Venue: Copper Box Arena | Hackney, London, England
Format: Play-In Stage: Double Elimination | Bracket Stage: Double Elimination


Top Lane

JD Gaming’s 369 is a monster in the top lane, a huge part of the team’s success during the Chinese regular season. With eleven games on K’Sante and seven or more games on Renekton, Sion, and Gragas, he has the versatility to frustrate opposing drafters and the dominance to win most lanes.

Licorice has a 5.1 KDA through the play-in stage at MSI, and his three games on Poppy have displayed his dominance. The Canadian star was immense throughout the LCS season, and there’s a lot to love about the way he plays the top lane.



Korean import Kanavi has been amazing for JD Gaming, with a 71% kill participation score throughout the regular season, along with thirteen games on Wukong. While his next most played champion only clocks in at seven matches, His dominance on a single hero poses additional issue in the draft.

Golden Guardian’s River is also a Korean import, and he has been excellent early on at MSI. Three wins on Viego and two on VI have led him to a 71% kill participation score, so he should be evenly matched with his fellow Korean in this one.


Mid Lane

Knight has been JD Gaming’s knight in shining armor, showing nothing but dominance all season long. With eight games each on Syndra and Ahri, he is one of the most prolific mage players in the entire world, and a key part of JD Gaming’s success.

Gori of Golden Guardians was playing around with K’Sante mid in the regular season, but three games of Ahri and two of Leblanc at MSI have allowed him to switch into a mage role for the tournament. So far, so good for the Korean import, who holds a KDA of 6.9 in the tournament, but it remind to be seen if he can go toe to toe with Knight.


Bottom Lane

Ruler is a household name in China, despite being a Korean import. Eleven games on Varus and ten on Zeri were enough to propel him to his place among the best ADCs in the world, and even Stixxay should be outmatched in this matchup.

Stixxay and Huhi have had a strong season for Golden Guardians, and that performance has continued at MSI. Huhi is rocking an absurd 80% kill participation score, positioning himself as a menace on Annie and Sett support in an off-meta twist.

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MSI 2023 Participants

Qualified for Bracket Stage
RegionSeedPoolTeamQualification DateQualification Path
KR Korea11⁠⁠Gen.G2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Champion
23⁠⁠T12023-04-01 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Runner-Up
CN China11⁠⁠JD Gaming2023-04-09 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Champion
EMEA EMEA12⁠⁠MAD Lions2023-04-23LEC 2023 Spring Champion
NA North America12⁠⁠Cloud92023-03-30 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Champion
INT Mid-Season InvitationalQ32023-05-04Play-In Stage Group A Winner
Q32023-05-04Play-In Stage Group B Winner
Q32023-05-07Play-In Stage LCQ Winner

Qualified for Play-In Stage
RegionSeedPoolTeamQualification DateQualification Path
CN China21⁠⁠Bilibili Gaming2023-04-11 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Runner-Up
EMEA EMEA21⁠⁠G2 Esports2023-02-26 (Q)
2023-04-21 (Seed)
LEC 2023 Winter Champion
NA North America22⁠⁠Golden Guardians2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Runner-Up
PCS TW/HK/MC/SEA/OCE12⁠⁠PSG Talon2023-04-09PCS 2023 Spring Champion
VN Vietnam13⁠⁠GAM Esports2023-04-23VCS 2023 Spring Champion
JP Japan13⁠⁠DetonatioN FocusMe2023-04-15LJL 2023 Spring Champion
BR Brazil14⁠⁠LOUD2023-04-15CBLOL 2023 Split 1 Champion
LAT Latin America14⁠⁠Movistar R72023-04-14LLA 2023 Opening Champion

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