LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview - G2 Esports vs. PSG.Talon

LoL Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview – G2 Esports vs. PSG.Talon

The play-in tournament for League of Legend’s 2023 MSI tournament is here, with eight teams competing for three spots in the final tournament. Group B action started off with a bang early in the week, with G2 Esports and PSG. Talon representing some of the best the Europe and Southeast Asia regions have to offer.

Both teams defeated their first-round opponents early in the week, setting up a Best of three series to determine which team advances to the main event and MyBookie will have the LoL betting lines. The losers will have to contest multiple last-chance qualifiers in order to qualify.


League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational 2023 Betting Preview – G2 Esports vs. PSG.Talon | MyBookie eSports Betting Preview

MSI 2023
Organizer: Riot Games
Location: Venue: Copper Box Arena | Hackney, London, England
Format: Play-In Stage: Double Elimination | Bracket Stage: Double Elimination


Top Lane

G2’s Brokenblade has been the epitome of average for the European squad. Things changed for the better in G2’s opening series against LOUD, however. Brokenblade piloted Darius and Poppy to an average K/D/A of 15/3/14, showing off superior skill against an inferior team.

PSG. Talon’s Azhi was spectacular during PCS playoff play, averaging a K/D/A of 6 en route to his team securing a spot at MSI. He accomplished this with three games each on Kennen and Gragas, and the yordle champion is sure to be a contested pick in this series.



Yike has been the star of the show for G2 this season, and he certainly did not drop off in the first series of MSI. His K/D/A of 18/2/2/22 was way too much for LOUD to handle, thanks to his devastating Nidalee gameplay. He is one of the most versatile junglers LEC has to offer, posing a big threat in this series.

JunJia of PSG. Talon has an immensely powerful Wukong, with six games played in the PCS playoffs. DetonationFocusMe tried to steal the champion away from him, in their first series of MSI, but JunJia was able to adapt with solid performances on Viego and Vi.


Mid Lane

Caps of G2 sparked some surprised reactions in the first series of the tournament, playing two games of Nautilius mid against LOUD. This led to a relatively unimpressive K/D/A of 2/6/30, but the mid-laner did a good job of playing a more sacrificial role. He remains one of the most flexible players in the world, and should be a huge draft advantage for G2.

Ubao of PSG. Talon is an Ahri specialist, able to dominate any lane with ease. His gaudy 11/3/21 K/D/A in his last series serves as proof of the danger he poses in any matchup.


Bottom Lane

Hans Sama and Mikyx have quietly produced one of the best seasons in LEC history, with the duo sparking a dangerous reaction together. Expect the two to continue to dominate in this upcoming matchup.

Wako and Woody of PSG.Talon both averaged K/D/A scores over 5 in the PCS playoffs, including multiple games with the deadly Lucian-Nami combo. Woody did have some trouble staying alive against DFM, however, with a 1/11/20 scoreline.

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MSI 2023 Participants

Qualified for Bracket Stage
RegionSeedPoolTeamQualification DateQualification Path
KR Korea11⁠⁠Gen.G2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Champion
23⁠⁠T12023-04-01 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCK 2023 Spring Runner-Up
CN China11⁠⁠JD Gaming2023-04-09 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Champion
EMEA EMEA12⁠⁠MAD Lions2023-04-23LEC 2023 Spring Champion
NA North America12⁠⁠Cloud92023-03-30 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Champion
INT Mid-Season InvitationalQ32023-05-04Play-In Stage Group A Winner
Q32023-05-04Play-In Stage Group B Winner
Q32023-05-07Play-In Stage LCQ Winner

Qualified for Play-In Stage
RegionSeedPoolTeamQualification DateQualification Path
CN China21⁠⁠Bilibili Gaming2023-04-11 (Q)
2023-04-15 (Seed)
LPL 2023 Spring Runner-Up
EMEA EMEA21⁠⁠G2 Esports2023-02-26 (Q)
2023-04-21 (Seed)
LEC 2023 Winter Champion
NA North America22⁠⁠Golden Guardians2023-04-08 (Q)
2023-04-09 (Seed)
LCS 2023 Spring Runner-Up
PCS TW/HK/MC/SEA/OCE12⁠⁠PSG Talon2023-04-09PCS 2023 Spring Champion
VN Vietnam13⁠⁠GAM Esports2023-04-23VCS 2023 Spring Champion
JP Japan13⁠⁠DetonatioN FocusMe2023-04-15LJL 2023 Spring Champion
BR Brazil14⁠⁠LOUD2023-04-15CBLOL 2023 Split 1 Champion
LAT Latin America14⁠⁠Movistar R72023-04-14LLA 2023 Opening Champion

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