Best LoL World Championship Odds 2022 Quarterfinals - T1 v RNG, Gen.G v DWG

Best LoL World Championship Odds: 2022 Quarterfinals – T1 v RNG, Gen.G v DWG

MyBookie brings you free League of Legends Betting previews for two LoL World Championship 2022 quarterfinals bouts in T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up and Gen.G vs. DWG KIA. Here are our picks for the games that are set to take place on Friday, October 21, and Saturday, October 22, respectively.

LoL Worlds Predictions & Betting Analysis for the Best Friday, Oct. 21st and Saturday, Oct. 22nd Games

T1 vs Royal Never Give Up – LoL Worlds 2022

T1 and Royal Never Give Up will clash on Friday, October 21, in the second quarterfinals match of the League of Legends World Championship 2022. T1 qualified for the LoL Worlds playoffs by topping Group A ahead of the reigning LoL world champions EDward Gaming, Fnatic, and Cloud9, with a 5-1 record.

Their only defeat came in the first round of the group stage when T1 lost against Fnatic, but seeing how dominant they’ve been in the remaining five affairs; it’s fair to say that that defeat was nothing more than a fluke. Admittedly, losing against Fnatic doesn’t look good, but Fnatic were (before round 2) playing extremely well, so we wouldn’t overreact to that defeat.

Moreover, T1 defeated EDward Gaming twice and did so in style, which is a strong indication of how solid T1 can be. Unfortunately, T1 might not be as strong as some people believe – at least for this affair.

Royal Never Give Up started the LoL Worlds in the Play-In stage, where they looked nearly unstoppable, and they’ve not slowed down since. Even though they didn’t win Group D, RNG played well enough to tie at 5-1 with the reigning LCK champion Gen.G, who eventually bested RNG in the tiebreakers.

Although Gen.G were realistically the only other strong team in Group D, RNG looked solid in their series against Gen.G, which is a good sign, knowing that Gen.G were far stronger than T1 domestically.

The latest LoL betting odds suggest that this is T1’s game to lose, but we would argue that Royal Never Give Up are in a much better position to win. They have a vastly superior bottom side of the map, which they tend to utilize quite efficiently to win games. And unless T1 find a way to stabilize their relatively underwhelming bottom lane, they’ll struggle to defeat T1.

It could be a close affair, but we would prefer to be on the side of Royal Never Give Up.

Prediction: Royal Never Give Up  to win

Gen.G vs DWG KIA – LoL Worlds 2022

The third League of Legends World Championship 2022 quarterfinals match will see two old rivals in DWG KIA and Gen.G clash once again, for the first time since the LCK 2022 Summer season.

Gen.G won both of their LCK 2022 Summer meetings with DWG convincingly, and there is little to suggest it will be any different this time out.

Admittedly, DWG KIA have looked much better on the Worlds stage than they had during the regular season. They finished Group B in second place with a 5-1 record, behind the tournament favorites in JDG, who bested DWG KIA in a tiebreaker.

But despite that loss, DWG KIA had many great moments and looked ready to challenge their domestic rivals. Like DWG KIA, Gen.G have looked incredible during the group stage, winning Group D with a 5-1 record and a tiebreaker win against RNG.

If we compare the two teams, it’s tough to go against Gen.G, mainly due to their strong head-to-head record. But despite their dominant regular-season wins against DWG KIA, the latter have improved enough for us to say that this will be an extremely close affair. Take over 4.5 maps or DWG KIA with a +1.5 map handicap.

Prediction: Over 4.5 maps 


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