Top LoL Matches to Bet On Worlds 2022 Group Stage - G2 v DWG, JDG v EG Analysis

Top LoL Matches to Bet On: Worlds 2022 Group Stage – G2 v DWG, JDG v EG Analysis

MyBookie is back with free eSports Betting picks and predictions for two League of Legends World Championship 2022 matches.

Here are our League of Legends Betting selections for G2 Esports vs DWG KIA and JD Gaming vs Evil Geniuses, who will clash in the first round of the LoL Worlds group stage.

LoL Worlds Predictions & Betting Analysis for the Best Friday, October 7th Games

G2 Esports vs DWG KIA – LoL Worlds 2022

DWG KIA should make it out of this group, and something will have to go terribly wrong for them not to achieve that. They have one of the best top laners in the world in Nuguri, an elite-level jungler in Canyon and ShowMaker, who is one of the tournament’s most consistent and versatile mid laners.

DWG KIA’s bottom lane is a bit of a question, mainly because the current meta doesn’t suit them. The previous bottom lane duo in Ghost and Beryl, who were good at playing more supportive roles, would be a better fit, but that’s no reason for concern since it’s hard to doubt Kellin and deokdam’s talent.

G2 Esports have done enough to qualify for the LoL Worlds, but this is not the same roster that nearly won the championship in 2019 and is, in fact, significantly weaker. In addition, the team’s bottom lane is a liability, and it’s hard to count on Brokenblade to do too much facing Nuguri.

Jankos has been struggling this season, and while he is still a solid jungler, he is not at the level of Canyon. You could make a case for caPs to be competitive against Showmaker, assuming he has found his form, but DWG KIA’s mid-jungle is much stronger.

Despite the public perception of G2, they’re just as strong as Evil Geniuses, making them a significantly weaker team than DWG KIA. Barring any surprises, DWG KIA should smash G2 Esports.

Prediction: DWG KIA -6.5 kills

JD Gaming vs Evil Geniuses – LoL Worlds 2022

Evil Geniuses qualified for the 2022 LoL World Championship group stage via the Play-In stage by eliminating MAD Lions, which might sound like an impressive feat, but it really isn’t.

MAD Lions are much weaker than what the public perception of this team was and have no evident strengths that would justify them being regarded as one of Europe’s top teams.

The fact that MAD Lions haven’t won a single Bo5 yet still qualified for the World Championship tells a lot, and their performances in the Play-In further confirm that this team isn’t strong. The point is that EG haven’t shown much in the Play-in stage and definitely not enough for us to consider them as serious contenders to make it far this tournament.

Not only do EG lack the individual talent to compete against other elite teams, but their drafting has been terrible throughout the tournament. And all that will be a problem when they face one of the tournament favorites in JD Gaming.

Another issue EG will face is that they can’t play through the top side since there’s little to no chance they can make it through 369, who is easily one of the best top laners at the tournament and a huge obstacle EG have to make, though.

The bottom lane without Danny is not capable of carrying games against elite teams, and jojopyun will be serviceable at best, leaving EG with no win condition in this match.

Admittedly, HD Gaming can be slightly inconsistent at times, but they are significantly stronger than EG in all lanes and a much stronger team overall. Expect a very quick victory for JD Gaming.

Prediction: Under 27.5 kills


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