Rainbow Six Siege Matches to Bet On 2022 SCS Season 7 Analysis

Rainbow Six Siege Matches to Bet On: 2022 SCS Season 7 Analysis

MyBookie returns with free eSports Betting predictions for a pair of bouts in SCS Season 7. Today we take a look at two semifinal clashes in Arial Arise Academy vs. Parabellum Esports and Oxygen Esports vs. Wichita Wolves, who will clash on Friday, December 23.

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Arial Arise Academy vs Parabellum Esports 

Arial Arise Academy had a fairly bumpy road through the SCS Season 7 group stage. They kicked off the tournament with a painful 6-8 defeat against Wichita Wolves, then found success against Lycus Empire (7-4) and Arial Arise (8-6), lost against Luminosity Gaming (1-2), but edged out a crucial win in the fifth round against Investigation File to book a spot in the playoffs.

Parabellum Esports had a much more straightforward path through the group stage, but they as well started with a loss against S2 Esports (3-7). Still, a minor mishap didn’t stop Parabellum Esports from winning the final three bouts against Collegiate Connoisseurs (7-3), Astralis (7-4), and Vipers eSports (2-0).

Despite looking fairly weak in the group stage, Arial Arise Academy showed up in the quarterfinals with a dominant 2-0 sweep of S2 Esports, who they beat 7-5 and 7-3.

And while we’re still talking about a victory against a lesser team, S2 Esports looked unstoppable during the group stage, so we have to show some respect to Arian Arise Academy for their success.

Likewise, Parabellum showed up in the quarters with a dominant victory against Luminosity, who they beat 7-5, 7-5, but their victory was far less impressive than Arial Arise Academy’s, granted that’s because we didn’t have high expectations for Arial Arise.

On paper, Parabellum Esports look like the most likely victors but based on what we’ve seen from the teams recently. This should be a closely contested affair, so at plus money, it’s hard to pass on a bet on Arial Arise Academy, who have shown enough to earn our trust.

Prediction: Arial Arise Academy to win

Oxygen Esports vs Wichita Wolves 

Oxygen Esports completed the SCS Season 7 group stage with a perfect 3-0 record. They demolished HK Rebels (7-2), added another dominant victory against Arial Arise (7-1), and then swept Luminosity Gaming (2-0).

Even in the first round of the playoffs, Oxygen Esports showed no weakness and crushed Astralis 7-1, 7-2, establishing themselves as serious candidates to win the whole thing. Their next opponents, Wichita Wolves, have had a far less convincing group stage run.

They finished the tournament’s opening stage with a 3-2 record, which includes wins against Arial Arise Academy, HK Rebels, and Six Karma, but also two painful defeats against Luminosity (3-7) and Reality TV (0-2).

SCS Season 7 has seen plenty of upsets, and many lesser teams delivered more than many expected of them, but this bout looks like it can only end one way.

Oxygen Esports are evidently too good for the competition, which is hardly shocking knowing that they claimed silver from NAL Season 2022 and reached the semifinals of Six Charlotte Major 2022. 

Wichita Wolves, on the other side, have not even appeared in NAL, and their best result was winning NACL 2022 – Stage 1. Expect another dominant victory from Oxygen Esports.

Prediction: Oxygen Esports -1.5 maps


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