Top Call of Duty Matches to Bet On CDL Major 1 Qualifier Matches Betting Analysis

Top Call of Duty Matches to Bet On: CDL Major 1 Qualifier Matches Betting Analysis

MyBookie returns with free Call of Duty Betting tips and predictions for a pair of Call of Duty League (CDL) Major 1 Qualifier matches on Sunday, December 5. Today, we take a look at Los Angeles Thieves vs. Atlanta FaZe and Toronto Ultra vs. New York Subliners, who’ll clash in the final round of Week 1.

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Los Angeles Thieves vs Atlanta FaZe

The final round of Call of Duty League (CDL) Major 1 Qualifiers Week 1 will feature a rematch from the 2022 CDL Championship between Los Angeles Thieves and Atlanta FaZe. Last time out, the Thieves won convincingly and took down FaZe 5-2, but according to the latest betting odds, FaZe should be set to take their revenge.

Even though the Thieves won this bout in August, we can’t put too much weight on that result, mainly because a lot has changed since then. The rosters have remained mostly untouched, with only FaZe making a change – replacing Arcitys with SlasheR – but we have to consider that the current season is played on CoD: MWII, which is an entirely different game.

Still, while the teams’ performances last season won’t necessarily translate to this season, there is nothing that would suggest that FaZe should fare better in the new CoD title. Or, at the very least, there’s nothing that would imply that one team is any stronger than the other.

FaZe might be one of the most dominant teams in CoD esports history (having made the finals in all of the last three seasons), but talent-wise, they don’t seem to be much stronger than the Thieves. Admittedly, LA Thieves are known to start the season slow, but it’s not like FaZe were very consistent in the qualifiers/regular season last season, either.

Until proven otherwise, this is a 50/50 match, mainly because we can’t know how the teams will do in the new game. Scrim results are to be taken into consideration, but again, both the Thieves and FaZe have been performing well in them. Take LA Thieves at plus money.

Prediction: Los Angeles Thieves to win

Toronto Ultra vs New York Subliners

Toronto Ultra have made a couple of roster changes heading into the 2023 season and now field a very competitive roster. We wouldn’t call Ultra one of the main title contenders, but they look solid on paper, and if things click, they might be a top-four team.

Like Ultra, NY Subliners have made roster changes and took quite a brave path of building a lineup filled with young and hungry talent. This is a bit of a hit-or-miss approach, as the Subliners now field a lineup stacked with raw talent but not a single veteran player who would lead the youngsters.

That, however, might sound worse than it is. Although a veteran presence can go a long way, building a roster around younger players isn’t a bad call – as long as they click together. This definitely isn’t something to expect from this team, given all the drama the Subliners have gone through in 2022, but with new faces on the team, the Subliners might be a more stable team in CDL 2023.

NY Subliners are priced as the favorites for this match, which makes sense, but we can’t agree that Toronto Ultra deserve to be +150 underdogs. On paper, they might seem weaker, but only because the Subliners have a very high ceiling. Still, we have to consider that this is the first week of a new season, so it’s not like we can expect any team to play at 100%.

If anything, weaker teams might be the ones to keep an eye on, especially those who have been playing together for longer and already have a solid synergy.

Prediction: Toronto Ultra to win


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