Top CSGO Matches to Bet On 2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 Group B Betting Analysis

Top CSGO Matches to Bet On: 2022 ESL Pro League Season 16 Group B Betting Analysis

MyBookie is back with free CSGO Betting picks for two ESL Pro League Season 16 bouts on Friday, September 9. Here are our eSports Betting picks for BIG vs MIBR and FaZe Clan vs Outsiders, who will clash in the third round of ESL Pro League Season 16 Group B matches.

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BIG kicked off their ESL Pro League Season 16 campaign on Wednesday, when they suffered a devastating defeat against Outsiders, who beat them 2-0, with 16-9 on Dust II and 16-11 on Inferno. Although losing to Outsiders isn’t concerning, BIG’s performance in that match was.

Not a single player on BIG managed to produce a positive rating, with Josef ‘faveN’ Baumann leading the way at 0.96, while Nils ‘k1to’ Gruhne managed just 0.64 rating across the two maps. Talking about individual performances, Florian ‘syrsoN’ Rische had one of the most inconsistent showings on the day, with a very solid 1.15 on Inferno, but an abysmal 0.46 rating on Dust II.

Obviously, one game doesn’t tell a lot, but seeing BIG struggle as much makes you wonder in what shape the German squad will enter the tournament’s third match.

But it’s not like MIBR looked any better in their opening match against G2 Esports, who stomped the Brazilian squad with 16-5 on Dust II and 16-10 on Ancient. Notably, MIBR’s latest signing Henrique ‘HEN1’ Teles was the best-performing player on the team, yet even he couldn’t break 1.00, finishing the series with a 0.95 performance rating.

Unfortunately, his teammates didn’t step up, leading to the inevitable defeat against a vastly superior team. On a more positive note, BIG should prove to be a much easier opponent than G2, so in theory, MIBR should fare better on Friday.

That’s definitely true, but the question is whether MIBR is good enough to defeat BIG. Usually, we would side with BIG, no question asked, but their performance on day one leaves more questions than it gives answers. 

Unless BIG find a way to improve ahead of this bout, MIBR should have a realistic chance to win, or at the very least force a three-map series.

Prediction: Over 2.5 maps

FaZe Clan vs Outsiders

As the reigning Major champions, FaZe Clan entered ESL Pro League Season 16 as one of the main favorites to win the trophy. And they’ve yet to prove otherwise.

On day one, FaZe demolished FTW Esports, who they beat 16-4, 16-4 on Inferno and Overpass. Even though FaZe was expected t win, seeing them claim such a dominant win proves one thing – FaZe are in excellent form, which is a scary thing for every other team in Group B.

Outsiders had a solid start to the tournament, beating BIG with 16-9, 16-1 on Dust II and Inferno, and with that, proved that they can be just as deadly despite losing two key players during the summer break. However, BIG looked terrible in that match, so we wouldn’t put too much weight on Outsider’s success.

As the CS:GO betting odds suggest, FaZe should beat Outsiders with relative ease, and we can’t argue with that. Even though Outsiders’ victory against BIG all but guarantees them a spot in the next stage, beating FaZe won’t come easy.

Unless FaZe have an off day and the Outsiders overperform, this should be a very straightforward 2-0 sweep for the reigning Major champions. Outsiders are a solid team, but they’re not at FaZe Clan’s level.

Prediction: FaZe Clan -1.5 maps 


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