Top LoL Matches to Bet On LEC 2022 Summer - Fnatic v Astralis, Rouge v Excel Analysis

Top LoL Matches to Bet On: LEC 2022 Summer – Fnatic v Astralis, Rouge v Excel Analysis

MyBookie is back with free League of Legends Betting predictions for a pair of League of Legends European Championship (LEC) 2022 Summer matches on Friday, August 12. Today, we focus on Fnatic vs. Astralis and Rogue vs. Excel and provide you with expert eSports Betting picks.

Top LoL Games to Wager on Friday, August 12th | LEC 2022 Summer Predictions & Betting Analysis

Fnatic vs Astralis

League of Legends European Championship enters the final week of the summer split with just one team (MAD Lions) qualified for the playoffs, creating one of the most exciting and open endings of the regular season we’ve seen in years.

Unfortunately, this also means that we’re in for many heartbreaks as at least three teams will come “so close but yet so far” from qualifying for the postseason.

Fnatic and Astralis enter this bout in a three-way tie for sixth place with a 7-8 record, which essentially means that whichever team loses on Friday is all but guaranteed to miss the playoffs. Therefore, it’s fair to expect the two sides to give their all and show what they’ve got.

Assuming Fnatic and Astralis show their best side, this should be a complete stomp by Fnatic, but the Black & Orange have been far from impressive over the last few weeks. Lack of consistency, iffy decision making, and overall subpar individual showings saw Fnatic slip from the top of the league table to below the cutoff line.

On the other side, Astralis have been consistent – albeit consistently mediocre. They’ve won a few big matches and even upset Vitality and Rogue over the last two weeks, but Astralis also lost against Misfits and SK. Weirdly, Astralis are winning games they shouldn’t and are losing games they should’ve won, which creates an interesting scenario here.

Fnatic are a superior team individually, but their recent showings are far from optimal. But knowing how important this match is for them, we would not expect Fnatic to try and flip it early and suffer another bad loss. Expect a close affair that might extend to well over 30 minutes – which usually means plenty of kills.

Prediction: Over 24.5 kills

Rogue vs Excel

Rogue briefly bounced back from their slump but have been largely disappointing over the last two weeks, losing against Astralis, Misfits, and even SK Gaming. Weirdly, they won against the current league frontrunners MAD Lions but lost against teams that are hardly considered title contenders.

Excel are in a similar spot as a team that played well early into the season but have started to struggle lately. They’re on a four-game losing streak with defeats against Vitality, MAD Lions, G2, and Team BDS, and while losing against the former three isn’t concerning, losing against Team BDS is.

It’s unclear what is happening in Excel, but they went from one of the best-performing teams in LEC to a team that will likely miss the playoffs. Luckily, their next opponents are just as inconsistent and prone to dropping games.

Individually, Rogue are stronger, but at the offered betting odds, we prefer to be on the side of Excel. There is nothing about Rogue and their recent performances that would justify their tag as -225 favorites, so we don’t have to think twice before placing our money on Excel.

Prediction: Excel to win


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