Top LoL Matches to Bet On: LEC 2022 Summer - Vitality v BDS, Rouge v MAD Analysis

Top LoL Matches to Bet On: LEC 2022 Summer – Vitality v BDS, Rouge v MAD Analysis

MyBookie brings you free League of Legends Betting picks for a pair of LoL European Championship (LEC) bouts on Friday, August 5. Here are our picks for Team Vitality vs. Team BDS and Rogue vs. MAD Lions.

Top LoL Games to Wager on Friday, August 5th | LEC 2022 Summer Predictions & Betting Analysis

Team Vitality vs Team BDS

Team Vitality and Team BDS will lock horns on Friday, August 5, in the penultimate week of the League of Legends European Championship (LEC) 2022 Summer regular season. It will mark their second meeting of the split and first since June 19, when Vitality won the head-to-head bout.

According to the latest LoL esports betting odds, Vitality are heavy favorites to emulate that success, and that makes a lot of sense. Not necessarily because Vitality are one of the league’s strongest teams, but because BDS are by far the worst team in LEC.

With a 1-12 record, Team BDS’s chances of qualifying for the playoffs are long gone and have been for a while now. This team’s performance over the eight weeks of action has been abysmal, and there is nothing about BDS that would inspire confidence.

The team lacks any serious talent; they don’t play well as a team and don’t have a clear plan on how to approach their games. Considering how poorly BDS have been playing this season, it’s very easy to side with Team Vitality for this bout, even though Vitality haven’t been perfect.

On the contrary, the Bees have been struggling for most of the season and have only recently found their stride, winning three straight games to climb up the ladder into a two-way tie with Rogue for the second spot. 

With a 8-5 record, Vitality even have a chance to compete for the regular season title, but we need to see a bit more from them before we’ll start believing the “superteam” are really as super as they claim to be.

Although Vitality still have a lot to prove, this should be an unlosable match for them. They’re in excellent form and field one of the most stacked rosters in the West. On the other side, BDS are in terrible form and arguably the most talent-less team in the league.

Prediction: Team Vitality -10.5 kills

Rogue vs MAD Lions

Rogue and MAD Lions are two of the strongest teams in the league, but according to the results from the last couple of weeks, MAD Lions look slightly better. With a 10-3 record, MAD Lions lead the LEC standings with two wins to spare – ahead of Rogue and Team Vitality (8-5), putting them in an excellent spot to claim the regular-season title.

Although much of MAD Lions’ success is due to other teams struggling, it’s not like MAD Lions are playing poorly. On the contrary, MAD Lions play the cleanest LoL in the league. Unfortunately, we can’t say the same about Rogue.

Rogue were always one of the most consistent and disciplined teams in the LEC, and they have been this season – up to Week 5 when they lost against G2 and have since added two more defeats against Misfits and Astralis. It’s tough to say exactly what is wrong with Rogue or what is causing them to struggle, but one thing is clear – Rogue are not in good form.

Admittedly, MAD and Rogue always produce close affairs, and we shouldn’t stop believing in Rogue due to a couple of poor showings. But at the offered odds, it makes far more sense to back MAD Lions to keep their streak alive.

Prediction: MAD Lions to win 


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