Formula 1 Calendar Betting Analysis for 2022 Season

Formula 1 Calendar Betting Analysis for 2022 Season

Written by on December 20, 2021

2021 was a fantastic year for Formula 1 fans, as it delivered the best World Championship battles we have seen in quite some time. Having said that, it also delivered a finish that left a bitter taste in the mouths of a lot of race fans. It looked as though Lewis Hamilton was well on his way to winning in Abu Dhabi and capturing a record 8th world title. That was until the race was stopped and officials essentially created a clear path to 2nd for Max Verstappen, who passed the defending champion to get the race win and his first title. It was a decision that seemed to fly in the face of the F1 rules, causing Mercedes to lodge complaints that were eventually withdrawn. Let’s take a moment to have a quick look at what is coming in 2022 so you can start planning your bets against the Formula 1 odds.

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The question now is whether Hamilton will return to take another run at his record-setting win. Hamilton did say that he would be back, but he also stated that it might not be next year. Whether this is something said in the wake of a disappointing ending to the season remains to be seen, but the general consensus seems to be that he wants another crack at it as soon as possible.

While we wait for that story to develop, we can already look ahead to the 2022 season, as Formula 1 has already revealed the schedule for the coming season. We will have a record 23 races on the calendar for 2022, including a new entry that should be exciting for American fans of the sport.

The traditional schedule has been somewhat flipped on its head for the coming season, as races that we are used to seeing late in the year will now open the season. The first race will come in mid-March in Bahrain, followed a couple of weeks later by a trip to Saudi Arabia. The Saudi Grand Prix has traditionally been late in the season, so this move is a bit of a surprise.

When we get into the opening week of May, we have a new addition to the schedule, with the Miami Grand Prix making an appearance for the first time. This will serve as the first of 2 races in the US this coming season, with the other one set to go in October, with just 3 races to come after that one. The Monaco Grand Prix, which is arguably the biggest race on the schedule will take place on the weekend of May 27-29, with the British Grand Prix at Silverstone set to follow soon after.

After the British race, there will be 7 straight races in Europe before we get to the Singapore and Japan Grand Prix in early October. That will take us into the home stretch, with the final race of the 2022 season once again set to take place in Abu Dhabi. The hope is that we get a clear winner without any sort of controversy this time around. Yes, Verstappen probably deserved to win the title after the season he had, but it was still disappointing to see it all play out the way in which it did.


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