Horses to Bet to Beat Exaggerator at the 2016 Belmont Stakes

Horses to Bet to Beat Exaggerator at the 2016 Belmont Stakes

Written by on June 7, 2016

One of the great things about the Triple Crown races is that they draw in bettors who don’t normally play the horses on a very regular basis. The final leg of the Triple Crown, the Belmont Stakes, goes off this coming Saturday, June 11 at Belmont Park in New York, and you can guarantee that it is going to pull in a ton of money from bettors all over the world. Those people who don’t have a lot of experience in wagering on horse racing may simply look at the race favorite, which is going to be Exaggerator, and simply put their money on him. While this may be viewed as a safe bet, it’s worth remembering that the favorite in horse racing only actually wins about 30% of the time. Let’s also remember that when Exaggerator wins, he tends to do so on off tracks. Unless Belmont Park gets a lot of rain over the next few days, you could well be looking at a favorite that is there for the taking. This is a chance to hit your online sportsbook and make some money, so let’s take a look at a few horses that might be able to spring the upset.

A Closer Look at the Horses to Bet to Beat Exaggerator at the 2016 Belmont Stakes


Some may look at the fact that this is only the 5th lifetime race for this horse and write it off, but being lightly raced may mean he has a solid advantage. The horses who race in all 3 legs of the Triple Crown, as Exaggerator will do this weekend, tend to be very tired at this stage. Add to that the fact that this race is a long mile and a half, and you can see why upsets so often happen in the Belmont. A fresh Stradivari may be poised to pounce in this one.


There are a couple of reasons to think that this horse might have what it takes to beat Exaggerator. His late running style would seem to fit well with a race of this length, and the addition of Mike Smith, who has been the winning jockey at 2 of the last 6 Belmont Stakes races, suggests that this horse is ready to win.

Brody’s Cause

This is a horse that did not have a good race at the Kentucky Derby, but that is something that a lot of eventual Belmont Stakes winners can lay claim to. He skipped the Preakness, and should be well rested coming into the Belmont on Saturday. Brody’s Cause is certainly still a bit of a longshot, but that doesn’t mean he can’t get up for the win here.

Cherry Wine

He finished second in the Preakness behind Exaggerator, but it’s not likely that he is going to get the same set-up in this race. The Preakness was run in the slop, and the fast pace set up nicely for just a couple of horses, with Cherry Wine being one of them. He’s more likely to be in the money than in the winner’s circle, but you just never know.