2016 Preakness Quinella Betting Picks Preview

2016 Preakness Quinella Betting Picks Preview

Written by on May 17, 2016

We have spent some time this week delving into the win, place, and show possibilities of the upcoming 141st Preakness Stakes, which just happens to be the second leg of the elusive Triple Crown, and it’s now time to turn out attention to some of the exotic selections available to you. By exotics, I mean things like the exacta, trifecta, superfecta, and the often underused quinella. I will talk about some of the other exotics in another post, but for this one, I would like to focus on the quinella. What you get with this bet is, in my humble opinion, a safer alternative than the exacta. The quinella essentially works the same way as the exacta in that you are trying to choose which horses will finish first and second, with the difference being that you don’t have to specify who will finish where. Simply put, the quinella is like a single bet that gives you two different chances to win, and all for as little as a dollar. The online betting odds are not as good as an exacta, but it’s still a good way to add a little money to your bankroll.

2016 Preakness Quinella Betting Picks Preview

Why Play The Quinella?

This is the ticket to play if you are looking to increase your chances of cashing a winning ticket. It’s perfect for people who can’t decide between two or three horses, as they can cash out a decent amount if a couple of those selections land in the top spots. It’s a way to play the odd and get a little more back should the favorite win, as it’s possible to have more than just two horses on the ticket,

Playing The Quinella With Nyquist

It goes without saying that the majority of the betting public are going to have some money on Nyquist, but you might well end up totally out of luck, not to mention money, of he comes in second. I would certainly have him as part of any kind of quinella bet, as he definitely looks like the horse to beat. I would not be surprised if he goes on to win the Triple Crown, since this is a horse that seems to be able to win no matter the race set-up. If you want to increase your payouts, put him in your exacta bets, but if you want to play a little safer, add him to a quinella ticket.

Increasing your chances of a quinella payout

Like the exacta bet, you can simply choose two horses with your quinella, but you aren’t really giving yourself much of a chance to win. You can add as many horses as you like to the ticket, which will increase your chances of winning, but will also cost you more to play. I generally like to play 4 horses in a field of this size and quality. When you play 4 horses, you have 6 potential winning combinations. The size of your stake is multiplied by the number of combinations, which means that a 4-horse $1 quinella will cost you $6. I’m waiting for the post-position draw before making any final predictions, but would likely go with Nyquist, Exaggerator, Stradivari, and one other longer priced horse on that ticket.