LCS Spring 2023 Week 5 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. TSM

LCS Spring 2023 Week 5 Betting Preview: Cloud9 vs. TSM

Written by on February 20, 2023

The first half of the Spring 2023 LCS Round Robin is complete, and action is heating up. No team escaped the first half of the season undefeated, and top seed is still available for most teams to grasp.

TSM currently sit at 5-4 in the standings, but they are entering this week, coming off a huge upset win over league leaders Flyquest. Cloud9 won all three of their matches last week, and have won four of their last five, including a Week 3 win over TSM.

With some big changes in League’s latest patch, this week’s rematch between Cloud9 and TSM is shaping up to be one for the ages. Check out MyBookie’s LOL betting odds for this Week.


LCS Spring 2023 Week 5 Betting Preview – Cloud9 vs. TSM | eSports Lines


Top Lane

Fudge continues to be a dominant force for Cloud9. His kill participation of 66.4% confirms C9’s top lane-focused strategy, and Fudge is always happy to answer the call. Keep an eye out in the draft phase for Fudge’s K’Sante, as he currently holds a 100% win rate across three games on the champion.

TSM’s Solo has improved in recent weeks, and his breakout performance on Cho’Gath against Flyquest was critical to the team’s upset victory. Solo also has three games on K’Sante, albeit with one less win, so expect the champion to remain highly contested in this matchup.



Blaber remains a potent force in the jungle for Cloud9. Three wins on meta champion Maokai have been critical to Cloud9’s draft successes, but watch out for niche picks like the Nocturne we saw the last time these two teams met.

Bugi has been one of the most dynamic junglers in the entire LCS, with six unique champion picks in TSM’s first nine games. Bugi’s 82.2% kill participation remains amongst the highest in the entire LCS.


Mid Lane

Cloud9 made waves this weekend, announcing a huge roster move. Diplex will be demoted to the academy team, making way for wonderkid EMENES. It is strange to see a team with seven wins make such a drastic move, but EMENES is absurdly talented.

TSM will present a big challenge for the rookie in the form of Maple. The last we saw of TSM’s mid laner, he was posting a seven-kill, twelve-assist game against Flyquest on his signature Taliyah. If Cloud9 do not have an answer for Maple, we could see his Taliyah win rate improve to four wins in four games.


Bottom Lane

Berserker and Zven love their signature Zeri-Lulu lane, good for three wins out of four matches thus far this season. Berserker has some other options in his champion pool, but TSM should have an easy time of target banning this C9 squad.

TSM have responded well to the latest patch, incorporating a melee support in the form of Rakan against Flyquest. Neo and Chime combined together for a scoreline of ten kills, 24 assists, and zero deaths against Flyquest, and TSM have the potential to repeat that performance against C9 this week.


Final Prediction

TSM +238

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