2017 MLB Betting Predictions - Divisional

2017 MLB Betting Predictions And Solid Picks To Win Each Division

Written by on June 6, 2017

While it’s always possible that a wild card entry could upset the entire field en route to a stunning World Series win, the more likely scenario is that the 2017 title winner will be one of the six teams that win their respective divisions.Thanks to this expert look at the likely winners in all six divisions, you’re going to have a great idea of just which half-dozen teams could represent their respective leagues in the 2017 World Series this coming fall.Keep up with the MLB betting lines as I dive into the the MLB betting predictions and divisional picks.

Analyzing The 2017 MLB Betting Predictions And Solid Picks To Win Each Division


NL East Betting Prediction

Washington NationalsThe Nats (36-20) have already opened up an 11.5-game lead over Atlanta and New York in the NL East. The Nationals will have to end up on the wrong end of a massive collapse to not win the division this season.Nats may have the deepest rotation in the MLB, and possibly one of the better rosters in baseball too.They do have three key players who have driven them to the favorites in the MLB odds and standings:
  • –   The offensive contributions of veteran first baseman Ryan Zimmerman (.372, 16 HRs).
  • –   Underrated infielder Daniel Murphy (.333),
  • –   Bryce Harper(.317)
Even with Bryce Harper not being at his best for a good portion of 2016, they still managed to win 95 games. That goes back to the well-rounded players and deep roster.The right players and roasters has pushed Washington into some great ranks:
  • –   Washington ranks first in scoring (5.7 rpg)
  • –   First in team batting average (.278),
  • –   First in OPS (.826)
  • –   Third in home runs (86).
  • –   Washington leads all of baseball in quality starts with 36 while ranking 14th in team ERA (4.15).
For the NL East, provided they can avoid injuries and suspension, it looks like a no-brainier for the Washington Nationals.

NL Central Betting Prediction

Chicago CubsThe reigning World Series champion Chicago Cubs (29-27) finally overtook the Milwaukee Brewers (30-28) for first place in the NL Central.And I have no doubt that they will go on to win the division for the second year in a row, simply because they have too much elite talent not to:
  • –   Kris Bryant (.267)
  • –   Ben Zobrist (.233)
  • –   Anthony Rizzo (.232)
  • –   Addison Russell (.213)
  • –   Kyle Schwarber (.168)
 Each one of those players have all hit like a bunch of 98-pound weaklings so far this season. But, if you expect that to continue, then I’ve got some prime swampland in Florida I’d like to sell you.Chicago’s bats will heat up – and Milwaukee’s division title hopes will disappear.

NL West Betting Predictions

The Colorado Rockies (36-23) are a game up on L.A. Dodgers (35-24) in the NL West. But, I’m not expecting that to continue for very long, if only because Colorado’s pitching is mediocre at best as the Rockies ranks a modest 13th in team ERA (4.15).And, worth a note that they’re in the middle third in every other meaningful defensive statistical category. Sure, the Rockies are bashing the cover off the ball as they rank fourth in scoring (5.0 rpg).But I genuinely believe L.A.’s top-ranked pitching staff (3.22 team ERA), and underrated 10th-ranked offense (4.8 rpg), will ultimately overcome Colorado’s suspect pitching staff to get the division win.AL East MLB Betting Predictions

AL East Betting Prediction

The New York Yankees (32-22) have surprised all of baseball this season as they sit in first place in the AL East.The Yankees have had some solid ranks like:
  • –   A phenomenal third in scoring (5.4 rpg)
  • –   Fourth in team ERA (3.77)
But the Boston Red Sox (31-25) are the pick to win the division, if, and when New York’s stellar pitching cools off.Boston is heating up and has the better pitching staff, which I believe will show over the course of the second half of the regular season.As of now, they’ve earned a few ranks to consider:
  • –   Ninth in scoring (4.8 rpg)
  • –   Seventh in team ERA (3.84)
 Boston has their veteran southpaw, David Price, back from his injuries. Their left-handed starter seems to be back in full throttle with 93 – 95 mph fastballs.BoSox and Yankees are AL East MLB betting lines to watch through the post-season.

AL Central Betting Prediction

The Minnesota Twins (29-24) have overachieved since the start of the season. But they’ve gotten it done with smoke and mirrors.As it stands they rank:
  • –   13th in scoring (4.6 rpg)
  • –   An uninspiring 23rd in team ERA (4.60).
Minnesota is rebuilding, and their smoke and mirrors will fade once the Indians start hitting better this summer.The reigning AL champion Cleveland Indians (29-26) have gotten off to a slow start at the plate.As it stands, they’re sitting at a 19th rank in scoring (4.5 rpg). But they’ve also have had a rock-solid pitching staff, ranking sixth in team ERA (3.84).Cleveland also has health and the highly anticipated Edwin Encarnacion on their side. Even without Edwin, they still won pennant last year with their best two starting pitchers.The Tribe will start hitting the ball a lot better as the summer months drag on – and then it will be all over for the Twins and everyone else in the AL Central.

AL West Betting Prediction

I liked the L.A. Angels and Texas Rangers coming into the regular season. But it’s totally evident right now that neither team will challenge the Houston Astros (42-16) for the AL West division title.Especially seeing as how the ‘Stros are young, talented and extremely hungry. Houston is sitting pretty with an impressive list of feats:
  • –   Ranked second in scoring (5.5 rpg),
  • –   First in team batting average (.276)
  • –   First in home runs (92)
  • –   Second in team ERA (3.43),
  • –   Second in WHIP (1.19)
  • –   And first in strikeouts (589).
Not only that, but the Astros have a trio of the best hitters in the American League this season in:
  • –   Jose Altuve,
  • –   Carlos Correa
  • –   George Springer.
Believe it or not, the race for first place in the AL West is already over! It’s getting into the second half of the regular season and some of the other teams might have a shot through the stretch of the summer. Make sure to bookmark this page to follow our predictions.You should also keep tracking of the 2017 World Series Championship games odds and picks.