2019 MLB Postseason Betting Predictions After the Trade Deadline

2019 MLB Postseason Betting Predictions After the Trade Deadline

Written by on August 6, 2019

Last Wednesday, trade activity didn’t pick up until towards the end of the MLB trade deadline. Now that we’ve had a week to digest how playoff contenders have changed due to trades, it’s time to make MLB postseason predictions. Check out 5 big MLB Playoffs betting predictions for this year’s postseason!

2019 MLB Postseason Betting Predictions After the Trade Deadline

Minnesota Twins will beat the New York Yankees in the AL Divisional Playoffs

This is an out on a limb prediction. The Houston Astros should secure the best record in the American League, which means they take on the worst wildcard in the AL Divisional Playoffs. If the Twins win the AL Central, they should face the likely AL East winning Yankees.

New York has run away form the Rays and Red Sox. But although the regular season record is strong, things change in the postseason. More importantly? The Yankees didn’t make a single trade to help their struggling starting rotation.

Minnesota has the overall better rotation and bullpen. The Twins are a good hitting team as well. They’ll beat mighty NYY.

Houston Astros will beat the Twins and make it to the World Series

The Twins’ good feelings after thrashing New York will be short-lived. The Astros look dominant after making the biggest splash at the trade deadline, acquiring starter Zack Greinke from the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Houston bats .300 against Jose Berrios, .282 versus Kyle Gibson, and .294 versus Michael Pineda. Only Jake Odorizzi has had success against the Stros. Odorizzi can’t pitch every game in the AL Championship Series. The Astros win the pennant.

One of the two NL Wildcard teams will upset the Dodgers in the NL Divisional Playoffs

The Washington Nationals, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Mets, Chicago Cubs, St. Louis Cardinals, and Milwaukee Brewers are fighting for the playoffs. Atlanta wins the NL East. The Cardinals or Cubs should win the NL Central.

No matter what two teams make the postseason as wildcards, the team with the worst record will play the L.A. Dodgers. That team should beat the Dodgers. Los Angeles has a major flaw that could lead to a disastrous postseason. The bullpen isn’t terrible. It ranks eighth in MLB with a 4.11 ERA.

Although overall the bullpen is solid, the Dodgers don’t have that one setup man for Kenley Jansen. Not only that, but Jansen has been shaky in some games this season.

Like the Yankees, the Dodgers made no moves before the trade deadline. That’s a problem. The Dodgers could disappoint by bowing out to a wildcard.

Atlanta Braves will win the NL

The Braves are an all around solid squad. They rank tenth in team ERA at 4.33. The bullpen also ranks tenth with a 4.17 team ERA. As a team, Atlanta bats .262. That ranks seventh in MLB.

Atlanta isn’t a lock, but they made a couple of moves that put them in a good position for the postseason. The ATL acquired closer Shane Greene and righty Mark Melancon. Greene hasn’t looked great in his first couple of Atlanta appearances. He’s too good of a pitcher not to get it together. Melancon has thrown well.

Both bolster what was already a decent Atlanta bullpen. The Braves can win the NL Pennant this year.

Houston Astros will win the World Series

Atlanta will struggle to beat the Houston Astros in the 2019 World Series. The Astros are loaded in every phase of the game. Unless they suffer a big injury from now until October, expect Houston to take their second championship in the past three years.