MLB Betting Odds Reveal Moneymakers in the League

MLB Betting Odds Reveal Moneymakers in the League

Written by on June 6, 2016

Look, it doesn’t matter which sport you may or may not be betting on. The fact of the matter is that online betting buffs across the globe wager for one reason and one reason only…to make money! To that end, you’re going to enjoy this full-filled look at the best moneymakers in all of baseball. That’s right…thanks to some eye-opening analysis, you’re going to find out just which teams are cashing in consistently against their moneyline betting odds. Okay, let’ get started.

Check Out the MLB Betting Odds Moneymakers in the League

Texas Rangers +$1,798

Looking at their statistics, it’s no wonder the Rangers (34-22) are leading all of baseball in money line earnings right now. Texas is ranked eighth in runs per game (4.82), an identical eighth in team batting average (.264), ninth in stolen bases (37), despite ranking just 19th in home runs (60). More importantly, the Rangers are ranked 11th in team ERA (3.93) and third in quality starts with a whopping 38 at the time of this writing. Two position players are batting over .300 while three starting pitchers all have an ERA under 3.39.

Chicago Cubs +$1,004

Not only are the World Series favorite Chicago Cubs (39-16) winning a ton of games this season, but they’re also bringing home the bacon at a high rate by beating the snot out of their mostly overmatched opponents this season. The once lovable losers have gone 22-8 at home this season and an equally impressive 17-8 on the road to cash in big for MLB bettors wise enough to wager ion them more often than not. I could throw out a bunch of numbers like the fact that Chicago is ranked second in scoring (5.4 rpg) and first in team ERA (2.57), first in WHIP and first in quality starts (39), but I won’t get too much into statistics. Let me just say that the Cubs are really talented all over the place and have arguably the best manager in all of baseball in Joe Maddon.

Baltimore Orioles +$816

The Orioles (32-23) have exceeded expectations through 55 games this season, going 22-11 at home and a modest 11-12 away from Camden Yards. The O’s are ranked ninth in scoring (4.69 rpg) and third in home runs (80), but I say be careful with Baltimore as they are ranked in the middle and bottom third in almost every meaningful defensive statistical category and could ‘go south’ at any given moment.

San Francisco Giants +793

The Giants (35-24) have gone 16-11 at home this season and an even more impressive 19-13 on the road while mostly living up to their preseason status as one of the favorites to bag this season’s World Series title.Despite being ranked in the middle third in every meaningful offensive statistical category, the Giants are one of the best defensive teams in the majors this season, ranking sixth in team ERA (3.60), seventh in WHIP (1.23) and fifth in quality starts (36). World Series MVP Madison Bumgarner is 7-2 with a stellar 1.91 ERA while newly acquired Johnny Cueto has gone 9-1 with a fantastic 2.16 ERA in a dozen starts.