Chicago White Sox Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Chicago White Sox Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Written by on March 16, 2020

One of the great things about professional sports is that fans can talk about them even when there is nothing going on. It is all talk at the moment, though, with all the major leagues suspended for the foreseeable future. In the NHL and NBA, the suspensions came at a time just as the playoffs were coming, while the MLB was grounded just as it was getting ready to start. We have no official word on when the 2020 season will begin, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t talk about the upcoming season. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what we might expect from the Chicago White Sox when the season finally does get started. Let’s check the MLB Odds and World Series Odds for the Chicago White Sox 2020 Season.

Chicago White Sox Analysis Before 2020 Season Start

Chicago White Sox 2019 Season Performance

You need to go all the way back to 2012 to find the last time that the Chicago White Sox had a winning season, but there was some reason to be optimistic after the 2019 season. Yes, the White Sox managed just 72 wins, but that means a 10-win improvement over the previous year. They also saw Yolmer Sanchez win a Gold Glove, while a few other players also delivered statistically solid return. There is work to be done still, but there are any who feel that the White Sox could have a winning season.

In terms of run production, the White Sox found themselves down near the bottom of the American League with just 708 runs scored. That lack of offense is always going to be an issue, but it certainly doesn’t help when the pitching staff and defense are not doing their part. The White Sox surrendered 832 runs last year to end the season with a -124 run differential.

Chicago made some moves in the offseason in hopes of plugging some of their holes while also looking to take another step forward.

Chicago White Sox Offseason Moves

There are some nice pieces already in the lineup for the White Sox, with Tim Anderson leading the way in batting average in the AL last season, while Jose Abreu continued to hammer in runs at a fantastic rate. Yasmani Grandal was brought in to try and improve the White Sox awful on-base percentage, while Edwin Encarnacion could deliver a rather tasty jolt of power to the lineup. In terms of the pitching staff, Chicago knew that they needed to add a pair of arms to the starting rotation and they did just that. Veteran pitchers Gio Gonzalez and Dallas Keuchel will make very nice additions to the starting rotation. With Michael Kopech and Carolos Rodon expected back from Tommy John, the White Sox might just be in good shape.

How the Bookies See the Chicago White Sox

With a win percentage of just .459 in the 2010’s, the only way is up for this team. The White Sox are currently in at +275 to win the Central Division in the AL and are in at +3000 to win the World Series. If the offseason moves pay off for Chicago, they could potentially be looking at a Wild Card spot this season.