Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – Mar. 10th Edition

Coronavirus (COVID-19) MLB Update – Mar. 10th Edition

Written by on March 10, 2021

Major League Baseball has had a rather uneventful spring training. After the 60-game shortened 2020 season, “uneventful” means things are great. Sure, there has been a hiccup, but for the most part, baseball players are going about their business like it’s 2019. Check out the latest MLB news in our weekly update so you can continue betting against their MLB odds.  

MLB COVID-19 Update – March 10th Edition

2021 MLB Season

  • When: Thursday, April 1 – Friday, October 1
  • Where: Various

2021 World Series Odds

  • Los Angeles Dodgers +350
  • New York Yankees +550
  • San Diego Padres +900
  • Tampa Bay Rays +1700
  • Atlanta Braves +1000
  • Minnesota Twins +1300
  • Chicago White Sox +1000
  • Oakland Athletics +1800
  • Houston Astros +2000
  • Cleveland Indians +3300
  • Cincinnati Reds +3500
  • Chicago Cubs +4000
  • New York Mets +1000
  • Washington Nationals +3000
  • St. Louis Cardinals +2500
  • Toronto Blue Jays +1600
  • Philadelphia Phillies +3500
  • L.A. Angels +4000
  • Milwaukee Brewers +3000
  • Boston Red Sox +5500
  • Miami Marlins +55000
  • San Francisco Giants +10000
  • Arizona Diamondbacks +8000
  • Colorado Rockies +12500
  • Seattle Mariners +8000
  • Baltimore Orioles +12500
  • Detroit Tigers +10000
  • Kansas City Royals +10000
  • Texas Rangers +12500
  • Pittsburgh Pirates +25000

Some ballparks are allowing fans on MLB Opening Day

Major League Baseball Opening Day is on April 1. Teams, players, and fans have reason to be excited. Positive vibes are so prevalent that many ballparks have said they’ll allow fans at limited capacity.

The Washington Nationals is the only team that, as of now, won’t allow fans on opening day. The Detroit Tigers said they’d allow just 1,000 fans, but most teams are allowing at least 10% capacity.

The Colorado Rockies said they’d allow 42.6% capacity. The Baltimore Orioles are allowing 50% capacity.

Any fans in the stadiums is good news. Even if it’s just 1,000, like what the Tigers are doing, it’s good news. Pay attention to opening day attendance.

Baseball almost never sells out because so many games happen during the day. If a stadium that offers 25% capacity sells out the 25%, it will be a sign of pent-up demand.    

Astros sign Jake Odorizzi to start behind Greinke

For the first time in a long time, the Stros aren’t considered a favorite to win the World Series. Houston became an under the radar team to watch, though, after they signed former Tampa Bay Ray and Minnesota Twins Jake Odorizzi.

With Justin Verlander not throwing until the postseason if he throws at all, Zack Greinke has become Houston’s ace. For now, Lance McCullers Jr. follows Greinke in the rotation. 

That could change if Odorizzi starts throwing his best stuff. Odorizzi had a horrible 6.59 ERA last season. But a lot of good pitchers had bad seasons.

In 2019, he posted a 3.40 ERA. If Odorizzi returns to that ERA, and Greinke and McCullers have good seasons, Houston could surprise. 

MLB’s calm plan to handle COVID appears to be working

Unlike leagues like the NHL, Major League Baseball has a calm plan to handle the lingering coronavirus pandemic. If you break COVID protocols, you are banned for a set amount of time.

If you test negative, you can rejoin your team. That’s pretty much it. There are other specifics, but, really, MLB sees it as being that simple. 

Most teams are running fluid COVID-19 protocols. Why? Some doctors in the U.S., even one from famous John Hopkins University, believe the states will reach herd immunity by April. 

New vaccines, including a one-shot from Johnson & Johnson, and new treatments, should allow the nation to open more as the months pass. Major League Baseball doesn’t want to lock into pandemic rules that force massive game cancellations or postponements.

So far, it’s worked. We’ll see if the good times continue. 

Check out as many MLB Spring Training games as you can. April 1 is around the corner. So we had better sharpen our baseball betting skills. 


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