MLB Future Bets for 2023 Season You Shouldn’t Let Pass

MLB Future Bets for 2023 Season You Shouldn’t Let Pass

Spring training is now well underway, and while it is always good to see teams back out on the field, the reality is that we are all probably looking ahead to the start of the regular season. We are already seeing some teams get out to a hot start in spring training play, but we are all well aware that what happens now tends to have little bearing on how things play out in the regular season. It is time, though, to start looking ahead to see what bets we can place now with some level of confidence. I say some level, because the reality is that you just never know how things might go, especially when injuries come into play. Let’s see if we can pick out some potentially solid MLB bets.


Targeting the Best Future Bets & Picks of the MLB Season


Division Winners

Let’s start out with the National League when looking at potential division winners. In the NL East, we have what looks to be a very tight division. The Mets are the favorite at the moment, but I like the Braves at odds of +136. In the Central, it is the St. Louis Cardinals who are in as the favorite at odds of -116. While the Brewers might have something to say about the final outcome, I think the Cards take it. The Dodgers are once again the team to beat in the West, but I’d be willing to go with the dark horse here and take the Padres at odds of +135. That seems like decent value.

Over in the American League, things appear to be a little more clear cut. The Yankees are the favorites to win the East at odds of +110, and while I think the Blue Jays might push them, I have to stick with the Yankees. The central looks like a 2-horse race between the Guardians and Twins, but I am on Minnesota at odds of +185. Finally, the one true lock looks to be in the West, where the Houston Astros are heavily favored at -200.


Pennant Winners

In the NL, it is the Dodgers who are unsurprisingly in as the favorite to win the pennant. I like them to get into the postseason, but I think the Padres might well be the team to look at here. San Diego is currently sitting at odds of +40, which I think is fantastic value.

The Houston Astros are favorites to come out of the American League, which certainly seems more than fair. The Yankees are up there, too, but I might be willing to take a look at the Toronto Blue Jays, who are at +500. If they can get their pitching in order, this is a team that could be a nightmare.


World Series Winner

I am not a fan of making bold predictions before we have seen a single inning of the regular season, as there are simply too many things that can come into play that end up making you look like a fool. Since I do have to make a pick for this piece, I am going to go with the Houston Astros. If we are looking at a dark horse, then I would be willing to splash a few bucks on the Toronto Blue Jays.

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