MLB Betting Guide for the Upcoming 2022 Season to Must Consider When Wagering

MLB Betting Guide for the Upcoming 2022 Season to Must Consider When Wagering

With the owners and players union still at odds, we’re not sure if and/or when we’ll see the start of the baseball season. Although they have come closer on some issues, there is still quite a bit of separation between the two parties on numerous issues.

With the owners saying that they can afford to not play some regular-season games, Major League Baseball isn’t in as big of a hurry as the players are to come to an agreement.

If we do get to see some baseball being played this season, the betting public will be ready to place some wagers on “America’s Pastime.” While there are still many big-name free agents available, it’s hard to determine which team is the favorite to win it all.

If you’re betting on individual games in the regular season, here are a few MLB Betting tips and strategies to use when placing your wager.

2022 MLB Betting Tips for the Season to Keep In Mind

Will the Weather be an Issue?

We all know that playing baseball in the cold can be troublesome for a lot of players. The ball doesn’t travel as far; the pitchers can’t get as good of a grip on the baseball as they normally do, etc. This leads to fewer runs, so taking the under in many of those games is a good strategy.

Also, another thing to remember about early season games is that the pitching always tends to be ahead of the hitting early on.

When we get to the hot weather months, that’s when we tend to see more balls flying out of the park; thus, more runs are being scored.

Analyze the Starting Pitchers for that game

If an ace is going, that’s a good indication that that team will probably win. Other than that, it’s probably a crapshoot.

We like to do some research on the starting pitchers. When doing your research, be sure to use as much advanced data as possible.

There are numerous places on the internet where you can find breakdowns and analyses of starting pitchers. We like to use the Sagarin data, which gives you more information on that day’s starter.

Jeff Sagarin’s research gives you the most realistic prediction on how that pitcher will do that day. He breaks down numerous statistical categories and gives you an idea of how that pitcher will fare against his opponent for that day.

We also like to take a look at the pitcher’s WHIP (walks plus hits a pitcher gives up per inning). The lower the number, the better. If a pitcher has a high WHIP, that means he’s allowing a lot of baserunners, and that is never a good thing.

Another thing to look at is how that pitcher has done against that team in previous outings. We also like to look at home/road splits and how they’ve pitched in their last few starts.

Does a team have a strong bullpen?

Over the years, bullpens have become much more important. With pitch counts limiting how long a pitcher can go, along with the fact that more pitchers are pitching to strike hitters out rather than allow them to make contact, bullpens are used a lot more. If a starter can go six innings, and then you have two good middle relievers along with a good closer, you’re more likely to place a wager on that team. 

Another thing to look at when analyzing a team’s bullpen is its usage rate. If a bullpen is being used too much, the pitchers tend to wear down. This is especially an issue late in the season.

This helps to give you information on how much a pitcher has been used and whether or not that is playing a part on how effective/ineffective a pitcher is.

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