2022 MLB Power Rankings Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 15

2022 MLB Power Rankings Betting Analysis Heading Into Week 15

Another week of the 2022 MLB season is in the books, and we are now just a little over a week away from the All-Star Game. Through the first 14 weeks of the season, we have already identified a few teams that will almost certainly be in the playoffs and potentially making a run at the World Series. The teams that are in the top 5 in the most recent MLB Power Rankings are the ones that are getting a lot of the positive headlines, but as we all know, championships are not won with half the season still to come. Let’s now take a look at the top and bottom 5 in this week’s MLB Power Rankings.

Power Rankings After Week 14 of the 2022 Season | MLB Betting Picks

Top 5

  1. New York Yankees – It’s no surprise to see the Yankees still sitting in the #1 spot, but there are some signs of cracks emerging. The ended last week with back-to-back losses and are now just 5-5 in their last 10. Still, they maintain the best record in the league.
  1. LA Dodgers – After slipping a spot last week, the Dodgers are back in the #2 spot after Week 14. The Dodgers have won 7 in a row and 9 of their last 10 games, which has helped them open up an 8-game lead in the West,
  1. Houston Astros – It can be hard to keep the foot on the gas pedal when you have the competition so far in the rearview, but the Astros are plowing ahead. They have won 8 of their last 10 games and maintain a 12-game lead in the AL West.
  1. Atlanta Braves – A slow start to the season has essentially been forgotten at this point, as the defending World Series champions are rolling. They are now just a game and a half back of the Mets, who they will face this week.
  1. New York Mets – The Mets are still holding off the Braves in the NL East, but that might well end in the early part of this week. If they lose that series and continue to slide, we might well see them fall out of the top 5 next week.

Bottom 5

  1. Chicago Cubs – After a positive run that saw the Cubs win 4-straight series, they ran into a brick wall at the end of last week, getting swept in 4 games versus the Dodgers. That was enough to see them drop into the bottom 5.
  1. Cincinnati Reds – When teams are in the bottom 5 in the MLB power rankings, you don’t very often see them get on a positive run. The Reds bucked that trend by closing out Week 14 with 4 straight wins. Can they keep that going?
  1. Kansas City Royals – After 14 weeks of the season, the Royals are 20 games below .500 at 32 and 52. That makes their current run of going 5-5 in their last 10 games a little more impressive than it would normally be.
  1. Oakland A’s – During the month of June, the Oakland A’s went 5-21, but July looks to be better, as they have already won 4 games. That is enough to get them off the bottom for the first time in weeks.
  1. Washington Nationals – The Nationals closed out last week with 4 straight losses and have now lost 9 of their last 10 games. They also now have the worst run differential in the league, so deservedly at the bottom.

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